Guest Post: A Pinner’s Journey by Paula Coop McCrory

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May 9, 2014
Pinterest Queen

Today, I was asked what it feels like. I immediately saw myself sitting beside Hans Solo moments before the Millennium Falcon is taken into warp drive. The sudden inundation of white lines – all around – beautiful, constant and moving – at the speed of light, is what this last 15 months have felt like.



I fell into Pinterest. It found me at a time I needed a healthy escape out of motherhood and back into the every changing world of art, design and fashion.  I didn’t see it coming. I had no preconceptions of where it would lead me. I just loved pinning. The constant feed of imagery and ease to organize all that I loved, became my drug.

One of Paula's favourite Pins  'Goldcollar'

‘Gold Collar’

A year later, I was at 1.9 million followers, and about to start a new, unexpected journey.

photo by Elena Kalis

Photo by Elena Kalis

Recognizing that life was offering me a moment to take – I took it. I made a pact with myself to give it a year. Be open to the world of being a social influencer and see where I could take it.  In just a few months, I had been approached by varied international brands that wanted to work with me. I loved the challenge, tapping into my creativity, and watching the results come together through my Pinterest board. What was missing was connecting with local designers and brands. This is when life introduced me to the wonderful women of now, Storia PR.

With their encouragement, we began contacting marketing and PR firms to offer lunch + learns.  This gave me the opportunity to not only speak about how pivotal Pinterest has become as a marketing tool, but a way to introduce myself to the people I wanted to work with. And it worked. This then lead me to speaking engagements, consulting, writing and making the media lists at many noted events.

Cedric Rivrain Illustration

Cedric Rivrain Illustration



Every day is different and I adore it. Now at 4.4 million followers, I cannot wait to see where and what the next 12 months bring. Building my following so my Canadian followers balance out my international followers, is a goal. To keep speaking, presenting, learning, consulting and working with new and founded clients, a must. I am thankful for it all. The support. The opportunity. The people and the possibilities.

My Top 5 Pinterest Tips
1. Image is everything.
2. Pin only what you love.
3. Don’t ignore the header. Include a strong image of yourself + be creative in what you write.
4. Share. Comment. Repin. Be active with your boards. Write back when someone takes the time to write something under one of your pins. Be supportive of fellow pinners.
5. Pin a little bit everyday. The more you put in, the more you’ll get in return.

Paula Coop McCrory is a teacher, mother of three and social media influencer.  She has 4-million plus followers on Pinterest. To follow and connect with Paula visit:

paula coop mccrory 


taste of mint. | visual artist. social media influencer. lover of time, creativity + colour.

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