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November 20, 2014

A Family Tradition Continues as Sword Making Scion Launches
Prestige Line of Men’s Grooming Products

TORONTO – November 14 2014 – Not many people can trace their lineage back to the sixteenth century.  Even fewer can claim ancestral roots to a prestigious family of sword makers from Solingen, Germany, also known as the “City of Blades”.  It is in honour of the rich tradition of sword-making set forth by his ancestors that Randy Weyersberg, a 13th generation descendent of the Weyersberg sword making dynasty, proudly introduces King’s Crown™, a new prestige line of grooming products for the modern man.

“For centuries we’ve stood with men and stood behind our products,” says Weyersberg.  “King’s Crown™ is for the discerning man who wants personal grooming products created specifically for his unique tastes and needs.  We’re committed to creating unforgettable grooming experiences for today’s modern man while helping him embrace his personal style.”

“While the male grooming category has expanded, the options remain limited.  Men are looking for solutions that go beyond shaving and basic skin care,” adds Marianne Taggio, partner and co-founder.  “King’s Crown is where the past meets the future – our traditional grooming products are handcrafted and sourced from the finest artisans in the world, while our skin care line is powerfully formulated to meet the needs of various skin types, because one solution does not fit all.”



New York, the city that never sleeps, serves as the inspiration for the exclusive King’s Crown™ Skin Care line. Today`s modern man deserves the finest skin care designed with simplicity in mind and exclusively for his needs   Thus the easy 3-step skin care regimen includes facial cleansers, shaving cream and moisturizers that feature exceptional formulas with proven performance.

King’s Crown™ introduces three specially-formulated collections: Enriched (for normal skin) with Papaya Enzymes and Vitamin C for smoother and energized skin, Oil Defense (for oily skin) to control oil and shine, and Age-LESS (for all skin types) to bring back vibrancy and youthfulness.  Select the proper solution for your skin and the easy 1-2-3 regimen does the rest.


From Solingen (home of the original Weyersberg blade) to New York City, Mumbai and Florence, grooming influences and globally renowned materials are carefully sourced ensuring the highest quality across all King’s Crown™ grooming tools and accessories.

King’s Crown™ Razors

The skilfully handcrafted razor handles are commissioned in Florence, Italy, renowned for superb quality and artistry. Each is fashioned from only the highest quality precious woods, horns and nickel, comes with a Signature Straight Razor Blade and are available in models compatible with either Gillette Mach3 or Fusion (5 blades) disposable razor systems.

Following the time honoured tradition of the Gebr. Weyersberg™ family, King’s Crown™ Signature Straight Razors are designed and handcrafted in Solingen, Germany. Made from premium carbon steel, they feature a 5/8th full hollow blade and are professionally honed, stropped and ready to use.

Shaving Sets

Equally beholden to the master craftsmen of Florence, each shave set is elegantly designed, exclusive and authentic. It includes a Shave Brush made of pure badger hair, a stand and mixing bowl made from high grade nickel for a lasting shine, and a choice of King’s Crown™ Razors.

Handmade Combs

According to tradition in India a person’s hair represents strength and beauty.  This was the inspiration behind the King’s Crown™ Pocket Combs designed exclusively for men. The combs are made from high quality natural cellulose acetate material known as “Nature`s Plastic”, and every step involved in the production is done by hand from the initial cutting to final polishing.

Leather Accessories

For centuries the Italian region of Tuscany and, above all the city of Florence, has been famous for creating the world’s most coveted artisanal leather goods. Italian leather is recognized to be of superior quality, and when coupled with handcrafted designs and workmanship, the result is pure elegance.


Perfect for the holiday season, limited edition gift sets include one of three King’s Crown™ skin care solutions and a selection of our most popular handcrafted artisanal products. These sets are sure to add a touch of elegant masculinity to his bathroom.


King’s Crown™ product descriptions, pricing and availability can be found at



For nearly 500 years, the Weyersberg family has been dedicated to quality when it mattered most to men.  This is when they began producing supreme swords and blades honed from the finest steel with craftsmanship and excellence. This family legacy is reborn under King’s Crown™ by Gebr. “brothers” Weyersberg, using the famous “King’s Crown Head” mark initially registered in 1774.  King’s Crown has sourced craftsman from around the world to assemble a grooming line that is luxurious, distinct and steeped in centuries of tradition – a collection that is designed to create UNFORGETTABLE GROOMING EXPERIENCES FOR MEN ONLY.

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