Author Jane Bow Launches New Website

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December 22, 2014
Author Jane Bow

Today we’re thrilled to announce the launch of author Jane Bow’s new website. Jane approached Emily at Storia PR about helping her to establish her brand online as an author. Jane had a few great things going for her. She is the published author of several novels, short stories and plays, and one of the most intriguing authors Emily had ever met.  To establish a strong brand for Jane, Emily first had to work with her to redefine what that brand was, how it fit in with her audience and potential future readers, and how her brand should appear on a new website.

Jane Bow is a literary adventurer in every sense of the word. The daughter of diplomats, Jane grew up in Canada, the United States during the McCarthy era, in Generalissimo Franco’s fascist Spain, in England and in communist Czechoslovakia. The French and British schools she went to could have come out of a Charles Dickens novel. Her teenage years were spent behind the Iron Curtain.These experiences gave Jane a passion for history, and the insights behind her life as a creative writer.

Actuated by Jane‘s passionate, worldly, and adventuresome nature, Emily worked with Jane to accurately articulate both her work as an author and her personality into a compelling brand. Her works explore historical incidents and the effects they have had on the way we live and love today. Her brand encompasses Jane‘s myriad of life experiences, as well as her three novels, her non-fiction history, and the plays and short stories she has had published.

Developing Jane‘s brand acted as a guide for her during the next stage of Storia PR’s work with her, the creation of a new, beautifully designed and orchestrated author website, built by web designer Keith Agnew of Moka Labs.

Today Jane launches her new website. Next comes the challenging, rewarding world of social media engagement. She will learn about converting and tracking to accurately listen to and respond to her readers and literary community.Be sure to check out Jane’s latest novel Cally’s Way currently available in print through Amazon (.com, .ca, .UK), Chapters/Indigo, Barnes & Noble, Iguana Books as well as electronically  through Kindle, Kobo, Nook Book and iTunes.

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