The Importance Of A Business Fleet

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June 2, 2016

In this guide, I’m going to tell you all there is to know about managing a business fleet. To start, I’ll explain why it’s important for your business. Then, I’ll round things off with some quick tips to help you manage your fleet. Let’s get underway!

Having a business fleet can be highly beneficial for your business. On one level, it helps to improve your productivity and efficiency. You’ve now got a fleet of cars to carry out door-to-door work if you wish. Instead of having clients come to you, you can go to them! But, the most important benefit is that a fleet promotes your business. You’ll have numerous cars driving around with your logo and details on them. It’s such a simple way to market your company and improve your public image, fast.

If you don’t have a business fleet, then you’re missing out on some major PR work. People drive themselves into work anyway; it makes sense to give them a company car with the logo on, etc. They’ll be happy because they get a free car to drive. And, your business can end up growing and developing.

Top Tips 

Moving onto the second part of this guide, and I have some top tips for you. These will help you manage your fleet and get the most out of them.

Regular Maintenance

As with your own car, your business fleet needs maintenance. This includes checking tyres, looking out for performance issues, etc. You need to do this as regularly as can be, to ensure no problems occur. These days, fleet maintenance is made a lot easier. For example, you can get a mobile fitting tyres service to come to your office. Once arrived, they can swap out any tyres that need to be replaced, and you barely have to raise a finger. Likewise, there are mobile car wash services that can come around and clean your fleet too.

Big Logo

It’s essential that your fleet all has your business logo on them. My advice is to ensure that this logo looks big and is recognisable. When you drive past someone in one of the cars, they should be able to see the logo. It shouldn’t take ages for them to work out what it is and who you are. Similarly, ensure this logo doesn’t come off. If it does, get it replaced immediately.

Include Contact Details

One of the biggest tips I can give you is to include contact details on every car in your fleet. Otherwise, there’s no point in having a business fleet. You must give people info on how they can get in touch with you. Put your telephone number and email on the back of every car. Why the back? Because this is the place, most people will look at for the longest time. Someone will be behind you in traffic and have plenty of time to jot down your details.

If you follow my guide, then you should understand how to manage a business fleet. You’ve seen why they’re important, so go out and get one!




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