How Businesses Need To Win And Keep Their Customers Trust Online

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June 8, 2016

As a people, we’re starting to become a lot more aware of how tightly surveyed we might be. Governments and businesses alike can get downright invasive when it comes to our data. They want to learn more about us and most of blindly, or willingly, go along with it. But there’s a change stirring and certain discontentment. People want companies that they can trust with their custom and their information. We don’t want to distrust businesses, even if we’ve become highly sceptical. So, what do businesses need to do to earn and keep that trust? We have a few ideas.

Be accessible

Accessibility and trust are two keys to keeping sustainable custom with any one consumer. A company needs to be easy to access. Not just for buying their products and services. But for getting in touch with them and getting them to answer, too. We’ve all seen sites of great big companies with a link to contact them. However, sometimes this link only takes you into a more convoluted process that can make you simply give up. Web and app developers need to incorporate not just ease of use. Ease of contact needs to be part of their designs.

Be secure

How well they keep hold of that data is a big concern, too. You can’t really blame corporations for the big hacks that happen from time to time. Whether it’s Anonymous or some other group, it often ends up with financial details being leaked. Or private information, in the case of the famous Ashley Madison leak. Companies need to learn how to not only secure their site, but their presence on Facebook and other social media. The online world is a less secure place than many think. If you’re not incorporating some sort of degree of separation between the data finding process and how you store it, you’re very open to risk.

Be transparent

Businesses are going to ask for our information. We know all about that. There are few who don’t have some sort of use for your data. Not all of it is nefarious, either. If businesses want to better understand their customer for marketing purposes, it’s not all that harmful. If they want to share it with other businesses, that’s where it becomes tricky. Not everyone wants to become a ‘lead’ that people can share as a ‘referral’. If businesses are going to do that, being transparent about it will work a lot more in their favour.

Have a good record

All of these points are becoming a lot more prevalent these days. That’s because people are becoming more aware of how their information is used by companies. They’re starting to wake up on how to be a bit less trusting on the net. All thanks to a slew of scandals as well as apps and extensions like Terms of Service, Didn’t Read. People are keeping records of whether businesses are trustworthy or not. If businesses want to thrive on the trust of their consumers, they need to start earning it.

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