Keeping Employees Safe Must Be A Top Priority For New Business Owners

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August 25, 2016
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Employee safety should be an issue that all business owners are concerned with. We’re not just talking about for moral or ethical reasons either. When you start a business, you need to understand that you are taking on a duty of care for your employees. Particularly, if they work in a property that you own or even rent. You are legally liable, and this can result in a whole range of problems.

At the very least, it could lead to an employee hearing or tribunal. During a tribunal such as this, a court may find that you are running an unsafe work environment. You may be forced to pay a fine or even shut down your office. However, that’s nothing compared to what could happen if a single employee files a claim.

Depending on the accident and the injury caused, you could be expected to pay as much as five hundred thousand in damages. It could even be more than this if the injuries will lead to long term problems. But that’s not all because it could also mark your business with a bad reputation. Top employees will not work at a business that is unsafe.

As you can see, issues with safety could snowball into a massive problem for a new company. That’s why you need to be aware of the potential hazards.

Environmental Issues

Environmental issues are the culprit of numerous health and safety lawsuits. Usually, it is due to an environmental hazard the business owner has completely overlooked. Asbestos is quite a common issue, particularly in older buildings. If your business property has asbestos, it’s best to get it removed before you open up shop. The dangerous substance, once used for insulation has been linked to the development of mesothelioma. If your workers develop symptoms of this condition, it could lead to a lawsuit worth millions. You may want to click here and look into the possibility of an asbestos survey to ensure you are not liable.

Human Error

Another common cause of workplace accidents is human error. You might think there’s nothing you can do to prevent accidents caused by human error. Well, you’d be wrong because training will certainly have an impact. If you increase the level of training of employees, you can keep them prepared for any hazard. Due to this, you can make it less likely that any accidents occur in your place of work.

Silly Mistakes


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Finally, you would be amazed by how many work accidents are caused by stupid mistakes. Things like not marking a wet floor with a sign. If someone slips on a wet floor and there’s a sign there, you’re not going to be held liable. If there isn’t a sign, they could sue your company for all it’s worth. If you don’t think you can trust workers to mark hazards like this, hire a cleaning service. They will keep your business safe and tidy every working day. Using a service like this, you can guarantee a silly mistake doesn’t cost your new business millions.



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