Got a Job Vacancy? Be Sure to Find the Best Person for the Job

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August 30, 2016

Sometimes, business owners get a little overconfident. When they have a job vacancy, they think it won’t take any time at all to get the position filled. This may be because they know how many people out there are currently looking for work. To them, getting the position filled seems to be as easy as task as fishing from a small fish tank. With so many people who are unemployed, surely people will naturally be hammering away at our door? Begging for a job?

I can certainly see why that kind of mindset is easy to fall into. But the fact is that business owners should know better than this. Anyone who has spent long enough in a particular workplace should have noticed that some positions take ages to fill. That’s because, of course, you can’t hire just anyone. You want the best possible candidate for the job. The problem is that the best possible candidate often has a lot of other places they can go to for work.

With this in mind, it’s important to remember that you have competition when it comes to getting employees.



Check out what your competitors are offering

The number one reason a candidate turns down a job offer is because they got a better offer from someone else. Of course, such a scenario would mean that someone actually applied for your job in the first place. Sometimes, business owners fall so short when it comes to job advertisements that good candidates don’t even apply.

You should consider a competitor who needs employees to be a threat to you in this field. It’s not necessarily the biggest threat to you – we’ll get to that in a minute – but it’s a threat nonetheless. When you have a job vacancy, you should be researching. Find out if any of your competitors have similar roles on offer.

The Blue Diamond Gallery

The Blue Diamond Gallery

Don’t skimp on employment benefits

That even bigger threat I made reference to earlier? Well, when it comes to filling a job vacancy, your worst enemy isn’t always the competition. In fact, a business owner’s worst enemy could be themselves. By not offering a good enough position? They’re basically begging potential candidates not to bother applying.

There are a lot things that can make a job opening look unappealing. A lack of employment benefits can be pretty damaging, especially in when it comes to modern office jobs. If you need it, you can get help handling employee pay and benefits from Croner. You should also be thinking about paid annual leave, as well as your policy on sick leave and raises.



Make the job seem full of life

People are afraid of getting a job that makes them hate their life. Candidates who are particularly skilled should know they’re particularly skilled. That often means they have a bit more choice when it comes to where they can work. They know their worth.

So if your work environment looks boring and bloodless, they’ll probably skip the opportunity. You can’t just look like a copy-paste of every other office job out there. You need to really stand out by looking more fun.

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