Is It Time You Added More Tech To Your Business?

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September 2, 2016

Technology is continually changing and upgrading. With that in mind, it’s always a good idea to continually reassess the tech that you have in your company. Is it maybe time you added some more? There are always new models and pieces of equipment coming onto the market that are designed to make our lives easier. Why not think about one of the following for your modern business.

Card Payment Machines

If you invest in a mobile card reader, you will be able to take payment from anywhere. All you need to do is download an app that will connect to the reader and your bank account. Swipe the customer’s card across the reader, and the payment will be sent directly to your bank account. This type of technology is super useful for busy cafes and restaurants. You could also use it if you sell products door-to-door.


Is it impossible to tell who you are buzzing up into your office? Then you should consider installing an intercom into your office’s entrance. Intercom systems have been around for a number of years. However, now the technology is a lot more advanced, and you can buy them that use video technology. That way, your secretary can see who is waiting to be let in before buzzing them into the building. This increases both your staff and office security.



Online Security

Another technology that has been around for a long time is cyber security. However, viruses and hackers are continually advancing and becoming much more advanced. For this reason, online security also needs to keep up and develop along with them. So even if you already have some online security software, you always need to keep reviewing it and upgrading whenever you need to. This is the best way to ensure the safety of your online shop and online data.

Network Attached Storage Device

Not everyone is 100% sure about cloud technology just yet. But until you can trust the cloud, there is still a way you can store a lot of information not on your main computer network. And that is on a network attached storage device. They are more commonly known as NAS. They are basically really big hard drives. You connect them to your computer to save data and files onto them. Once everything has been saved, unplug them and put them into storage. You can be sure that no one is going to hack into your sensitive data when it is on your NAS!


No one wants to carry a laptop or tablet with them at all times. And some people are prone to losing their smartphones. So invest in wearables for all your employees. Then your employees will be able to check emails and keep on top of appointments wherever they may be. And without carrying anything too cumbersome around with them! Smartwatches are the industry’s most popular wearable, as you can use it just like a smartphone!

To improve your business, why not invest in the above technology today!

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