Here’s How to Remain Open While You Renovate Your Business

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September 5, 2016
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Carrying out renovations to your business can be an excellent way to enhance its look. However, there is one essential thing to consider before your renovations begin. Are you able to stay open while the work is ongoing? For some businesses, remaining open wouldn’t be a good idea. It could result in the business’s image taking a knock or in productivity slowing to a stop. However, many businesses are able to stay open when they’re carrying out renovations. If you want to keep your company open for your staff or to the public, there are some essential things to take into account.

Complete Renovations in Stages

To make your renovations more manageable and less disruptive, consider completing them in stages. You can separate the work into different zones so that the whole business isn’t out of action at once. That might mean doing one room at a time or have different areas that are shut off for a certain period. You should be able to move things around so that business can continue, no matter which zone is being worked on. However, sometimes you might need to have part of the business out of operation. For example, if you’re renovating a kitchen, you won’t be able to move food production elsewhere.

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Choose the Right Work Hours
Construction noises and contractors milling about can be very disruptive. It can disturb your staff when they’re working or your neighbors. When you plan your renovations, it’s important to consider the hours the work will take place. Many businesses will be limited to normal work hours of between 9 and 5. However, you might be able to negotiate more unusual hours so that it’s more convenient. If there are no local laws forbidding it, and you can find an agreeable contractor, try other hours. Work in the early mornings, evenings and even weekends might work better.

Ensure That Construction Areas Are Safe
If you have staff or customers who will be near the construction work, safety is paramount. You need to ensure that everyone is aware of which areas are off limit. You should work with your contractors to make sure there are appropriate warning signs and other safety precautions. Waste can be a significant problem on construction sites. So look into cheap commercial rubbish solutions to keep it under control. A tidy construction site is safer for contractors and prevents accidents that could affect your staff and customers. Barriers around the work area will help to contain noise, dust, and other inconveniences.


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Raise Awareness
Making sure that everyone is aware of the renovations is essential. You need to notify neighbors and staff well in advance of the construction taking place. You should ensure that customers know what’s happening too. For some businesses, this means letting them know in advance. For example, hotel guests need to know about renovations before they book their rooms. Other businesses, like shops, will let people know using signs.

Your business might be able to remain in operation while you renovate. However, it’s not always wise, so consider it carefully.

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