Five Creative Ways To Encourage Positive Customer Reviews

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October 11, 2016

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but reviews are everywhere these days. They’re no longer confined to a newspaper or a magazine. Thanks to the internet, anyone can write one! You know what’s bad about this? Anyone can say anything bad about your company with just a computer and an internet connection. This is potentially disastrous. Of course, you’ll hopefully be getting the other side of the coin – an abundance of people who are positive about your company. To do this, you might need to give a little encouragement.

Time Your Review Requests Appropriately

It’s more likely that something is going to go wrong with a product or service in the weeks or months after you’ve sold it. That’s just the way it is. If you’re in a position where you’re selling goods that are going to be used in the long term, think carefully. Ideally, you want that customer to leave a review as soon as they’ve purchased. So, a little gentle encouragement could do wonders. This isn’t a shortcut for a company with bad products, however!

After Sale Marketing Material

The purchase has been made, and the item is on its way. Or, maybe you’ve just sold an item in a retail store. This is where marketing material on boxes, bags, and business cards can come in useful. For example, QR Codes could be included that direct the customer to your reviews page. There are lots of small additions you can make to encourage customer reviews, and they don’t have to cost money.

Customer Testimonials

Sometimes, reviews don’t get as much attention as businesses would like them to. So, they take matters into their own hands and implement customer testimonials. And, if you need more testimonials, you could even send out a survey to all your existing customers for their thoughts. Take the best ones, and use them as testimonials. Easy!

Social Media Encouragement

Social media is your ally! Every now and again, a good online marketing strategy is to remind your customers about leaving reviews. They’ll often forget in the spur of the moment, and this is a good way to provide a reminder. To encourage more positivity, use a few clever tactics. For example, include an enticing picture or video showcasing your best reviews so far. A little gentle push towards the positive side of the scale can be a good thing. Just don’t go overboard!

Respond To Reviews Often

I know a lot of business owners that stress about responding to negative reviews. This is the worst way to be. If your business isn’t willing to accept negativity, it’s just going to cause more problems later on. Those who are negative are looking for a positive response. Those who are positive are curious about those who are negative. Do you see the pattern here? If you’re unwilling to respond, you’ll annoy the negative people and put doubt in the positive people’s minds. But, respond professionally and with a will to solve any issues, and you’ll satisfy both parties.

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