Is Your Dated Technology Knowledge Holding Your Business Back?

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October 18, 2016

Technology has revolutionized almost every part of our everyday lives. It’s transformed how we shop, communicate and entertain ourselves each day. From useful apps to video chatting our loved ones, it’s advances continue to help make our lives easier. As well as using technology for your personal uses, it can also be used to improve your business too. You can use it to boost productivity or as an easier means of communicating with clients. It’s uses are endless and more businesses are turning to technology than ever before.

However, as technology continually improves and advances, it can be easy for your company to get left behind. What you might think is current, can quickly be replaced by something even better. The only way to keep your business current is by ensuring your knowledge is frequently updated. This can seem like a lot of hassle to many business owners and. But not making an effort to stay updated could lead to the following outcomes.

You’ll find it difficult to connect with your customers

Connecting with your customers is vital if you want to develop a loyal following. Offering a more personal element to your business encourages customers to return time and time again. This can increase your sales and help your business to grow. But unless you have a bricks and mortar store, this can be incredibly difficult. If your business is solely online, you don’t have the opportunity to meet potential customers face to face. But just because you can’t meet them in person, doesn’t mean you can’t connect at all.

Social media has become an efficient and popular method for business owners who want to communicate with their customers. You can encourage them to leave feedback and ask questions about your products. Your customer’s insight can give you guidance on what you are doing well and what needs improvement. Interaction with their comments can also make them feel appreciated and more likely to buy from you again. Like most things in the technological world, social media changes regularly and goes through trends. So discover which social media sites your customers use and get your business page set up.

In addition to social media, you can also update your website and include contact information. There are services you can use that provide both a business address and contact number for a monthly fee. This can make it easier for your customers and suppliers to get in touch. To find out more, see



 Your business can become disorganized

Without the right technology, business owners can find it difficult to stay organized. They find it difficult to find the files the require which can extend the time it to completes each of their business tasks. Customers are often put off from working with companies who lack organization as they deem them to be unprofessional. They might be anxious about giving personal details to a company which doesn’t use up to date security and filing systems. You may find that this forces them to work with your competition as a result. This is not what any business owner wants as it could force them to close.

But if they update their knowledge and systems, this wouldn’t be such a cause for concern. There are multiple apps, programs and software which are designed to keep your business organized. Cloud Storage, for example, allows you to save and backup data without the need for paper files. You can access the files you need quickly and conveniently without having to leave your desk. This can help to boost productivity and enhance multiple areas of your business. If you are interested in using Cloud Storage, visit for more information.

You should also do some research into other forms of tech you can use to make your company run more efficiently. There are accountancy and bookkeeping apps you can use to keep track of your finances. You can also find software that helps you plan meetings, store customer information and make notes. But the only way you will ever know about these technological features is if you seek them out.



Your business won’t remain relevant

In today’s day and age, if your business is not online it has no hope of success. But even if your business is online that doesn’t necessarily mean you are still relevant to your customer. There are multiple uses your customers will use to access your website, from smartphone to tablets. If your website hasn’t been adapted to suit these devices it can make it difficult for your customers to navigate and view it. This will result in them looking elsewhere for the products or services they require. It also gives the impression that your business lacks professionalism and digital know-how. If your website hasn’t been updated for a long time, this could also be holding you back.

So to remain relevant, you need to ensure your website skills and knowledge is regularly updated. Look at your competition for ideas on how your website can be improved and adapted to other devices. You might also want to hire a website designer to assist you too.

Another way your company can stop being relevant is by not using social media and blogging to your advantage. Businesses who use social media are said to experience more growth that those who don’t. It’s a simple way of promoting your business while also being accessible to your customers. Blogging is also becoming popular as it provides further insight into your products and company. This can build trust and entice them to buy from you. So take a look at to find out how you could be using social media more effectively.

So if you think that your knowledge is dated, you should now have the drive to get yourself up to speed. Read articles about business technology advancements in magazines, newspapers and blogs. You can also attend technical workshops to update your computer skills too. Make time each week to find out what technological advancement is tipped to be the next big thing. You won’t regret it.



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