Online Businesses – Make Sure You Build Trust With Customers!

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November 16, 2016

New web features have made it easier than ever for entrepreneurs to run their businesses online. Many people create online shops or offer their freelance services through the internet. It’s a cost-effective way to operate a business, and if you do it right, it can result in significant profits.

But there are some hurdles when it comes to running your business online. For one, customers might find it harder to trust you. When your only presence is in cyberspace, people might hesitate to buy from you. With phishing and identity theft scams abound on the internet, you need to make sure people know your business can be trusted. Here are some methods to help.

Make Contact Easy

One of the most alarming things to see on a company website is a lack of contact details. Buyers need to know that they’ll be able to contact you with any queries. Some might want to ask questions before buying. Things like social media channels and an email form can help with this, but you should add additional methods of contact.

Displaying your physical address helps customers trust you. It shows you’re a legit, professional business and people can mail you if needed. Some online businesses operate from home, or change addresses a lot. You may want to get a mail forwarding address – and other sites can help you with this.

You should also implement customer service software on your site. Many online businesses offer online customer support with help desk programs like It allows potential buyers to get queries answered immediately.

Show Reviews

Collecting reviews from your clients is an excellent way to show you’re a reliable, trustworthy business. When potential buyers see that people have used your company without any problems, they’re more likely to use it themselves.

There are many ways to implement this. People often use services like Yell and Google Maps to review businesses. But this isn’t always practical for online businesses. Look into online review platforms – is one example. These can help you display reviews for individual products and packages or even your whole business.

Online review programs will contact customers for feedback. As long as you keep customers satisfied, you’ll rack up positive reviews fast. Be sure to make these easy to see on your site. It’ll help you build trust with customers and make more sales.

Use Reputable Payment Systems

Many people hesitate when it comes to making payments online. Naturally, many users will be wary of entering their credit card details on a website they’ve never used before. You should ensure you use trusted payment systems to give customers peace of mind.

Using popular ecommerce software can help with this. People will trust these platforms much more than a generic payment form. You should also accept online payment formats. People are much more comfortable with using services like PayPal than entering their card details.

Another option is to sell using other sites. Buyers know they can trust websites like Amazon and eBay. You may want to sell on these services to give customers peace of mind.

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