Pilates Instructor Damian Wyard Demos Exercise Program for Office Workers

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February 6, 2017
TorontoPilates event with Damian Wyard

On Sunday the 29th January 2017, Toronto Pilates instructor Damian Wyardat Pilates4Physio hosted a unique Singles fitness event on thick yoga mats spread out on hardwood floors in a sunny downtown dance studio. This was a test of Damian’s skill at putting his best practices and up to date research into one program aimed at both teaching participants how strengthen and improve mobility in their spines. 

Pilates event with Damian Wyard at Afro Latino Dance Studio in Toronto

All the activities in the program were set to music and designed to show how to flatten stomachs and strengthen backs. Many of the moves we did also shaped and toned our hips and buttocks. This was a state of the art exercise routine that was both fun and extremely beneficial for all attendees.

Damian Wyard is the founder of Pilates4Physio in Downtown Toronto which combines the use of Pilates and manual therapy for rehabilitation. As well as being a registered physiotherapist, Damian Wyard has a background in sports massage; he spent 3 yrs touring with Riverdance company as a massage therapist. That hands-on training has given him mass experience and many skills, including ‘first responder’ emergency physiotherapist skills necessary to treat many sports related injuries.

Pilates4Physio, Damian Wyard, wrestling, RAGE

Damian Wyard, performing sports massage on RAGE, Hogtown Wrestling 01Oct2016 event – photo courtesy of Pilates4Physio ca

For this reason Damian has been called to do sports massage on wrestlers at a local Toronto wrestling league events. As seen above he’s working on RAGE, one of the wrestling stars in their league.

Today Damian works with a variety of business executives and athletes, and everyday patients with acute or chronic spinal and peripheral joint injuries. The exercise routine he conceived and led on Sunday was the product of many hours of thinking and refining his ideas about the ideal Pilates program to strengthen spines and prevent injuries and back pain in otherwise healthy people.

Damian Wyard, Pilates4Physio in TorontoTHE MUSIC – a big part of the appeal of Pilates exercise event was the addition of interesting music. Damian chose The Sound of Glitterbox, Purple Disco Machine and the groovy beats inspired rhythmic stretches as the group worked their arms and legs and backs and stomachs.

Using tensor bands we were able to challenge and strengthen different muscle groups including the muscles in our backs and buttocks.  In addition to holding the bands in our hands and opening and closing our outstretched arms to work the muscles in our shoulders and backs, we also strapped the tensor bands around our feet to work our lower backs, stomachs and buttocks.

Rob doing Pilates

Fitness Themed Social Networking Happened

Research on lower back pain in pointing towards varying movement as much as possible in the spine. Too much attention on exercises that brace, like planks or keeping a straight spine, cause more compression. The spine is designed to bend in all directions. Sitting or standing at desks all day means we are not using those necessary spinal movements. Going to a gym and just siting on a piece of equipment can perpetuate this. Varying your workout routine so that you incorporate exercise techniques that include this variability are the key to maintaining healthy backs.

Going a step further on the research, social interaction, education, feeling the support from a health practitioner are all good for our nervous system. When we are stressed and anxious, our sensitivity to pain increases. Exercise and group interaction allows our sympathetic nervous system to calm down and be less prone to flare-ups.
Damian’s ‘Healthy Spine’ exercise class communicates the latest research and demonstrates best practices inside a fun uplifting sixty minute aerobic experience. Underlying the cool music, the active workout and sweat, is some serious attention to the science of building and maintaining a strong back.

By Rob Campbell