Employees Make The Firm: Grow From Startup To Business By Focusing On Your Staff

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June 28, 2017

Running and beginning a startup can be a relatively bare-bones operation for some time. Not only are the initial attempts at growing your exposure and providing a quality product or service your priorities, but running efficiently with what you have takes up a large part of your time.

It’s likely that your beginning foray into the business world will be filled with risks, errors, failures, missed payments, and difficulties establishing yourself securely. This is the adventure that running a startup offers you. It’s common that people who have managed to set up a new startup that’s functioning well will tell you that the initial difficulties are worth learning from and growing past.

As you grow in time, you may look to the bare-bones nature of your startup and want to establish a new employee base. You might not be sure what to set up first though, and what departments should be prioritized. People might think a new marketing strategy or promotional campaign can help do it, and that’s true. However, largely, your employees will be responsible for growing your firm. Take care of them to increase their effectiveness and general working satisfaction.

Establish the following departments to your firm to revolutionize your business’s effectiveness and give it the means necessary to deal with your growing demand. These departments might take professionals specialized in what they do, so don’t be afraid to recruit those suitable.


HR (human resources) is one of the most valuable resources you have for keeping your employees happy. You don’t want to encourage office wars, that’s for certain. When your startup exceeds an employee list of around 20-30 people, it’s no longer to be regarded as a startup, and the human factor needs to be taken into account. It’s easy in an intimate team for the leader of the firm to take a ‘pseudo-HR’ role, but when you start hiring professionals, you should do them the dignity of having a dedicated department dedicated to their roles.

HR can help your firm enforce positive internal company policies, help your staff stay effective and happy at your firm, and consider any needs the employees might have. To begin with, this role can be filled by a manager and assistant perhaps, but as your employee listing grows, you’ll want to fill out this department accordingly.


Payroll, arguably the more numerically driven method of keeping your employees happy, is no less important just because it doesn’t deal with emotions. A bad HR strategy is likely to alienate employees and result in complaints to you as the owner directly, but a bad payroll department will quickly result in lost employees and even lawsuits. It’s important to hire a professional for this, no matter how humble your enterprise. To help speed up your recruitment process, consider specialized payroll recruitment from Portfolio Payroll because it can be difficult to gauge a prospective employee’s competence in a department you probably have no experience in yourself. Taking care of this will give you peace of mind, knowing that any contingency that might prevent your employees from getting paid for their contribution will be taken care of before it’s a problem.

Payment and job satisfaction, those are the two items any employee wants to feel settled with. Give them this, and watch your startup explode in popularity and working effectiveness.