Make Sure Your Business Avoids A PR Scandal

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July 5, 2017

When it comes to things that can end your business, a PR scandal is definitely up there. After all, if your company is slated across the industry, there might be no way back. At the end of the day, people will just remember your company for the bad things you have been through. And then clients won’t want to work with you in future. After all, they don’t want to work with a company who has a bad name. However, a PR scandal doesn’t have to be in your future. Although you need to be on the ball to ensure you avoid it occurring. In fact, here are some ways you can make sure your business avoids a PR scandal that could break your company.

Deal with angry customers

 You might be surprised how much trouble an angry client can do for your company. After all, you might think it’s just one person; what harm can they do? But in fact, they can cause a big PR scandal if you don’t handle the situation properly. For one thing, they might slander your company all over your social media. They might tell all your followers exactly what they are unhappy with. And it can even shock your followers into deleting your company. After all, they will lose some trust for your business. The worst thing your business can do in this situation is to ignore the customer’s comments. After all, it can look like you don’t care about the bad feedback you have received. And it can appear like you didn’t take steps to resolve the problem. In fact, it can increase the customer’s anger levels. Therefore, always write an apology and ask them what you can do to fix the error. It’s always good to try and get it away from public viewing so give them an email or ask for a phone number you can ring to keep it private. Also, if you have an angry customer, they might go to the media with the story about your company. And then you might end up getting a lot of bad press about your business. To avoid this occurring, always talk to the customer to reduce their anger levels. Don’t avoid the situation and hope it goes away. After all, you want your business to be affected as little as possible! As it says on, apologize gracefully and find a solution to avoid a PR scandal.

Protect your data 

It’s so important that you make sure that your data remains safe at your company. After all, if some of your vital information did make its way out into the public radar, it could end up leading to a PR scandal. And it could lead you having to end your business as there is no way back if the proof is in their hands. Therefore, you need to ensure all your sensitive business information is kept protected. For one thing, you need to make sure the files on your computer are kept safe by encrypting them. Making them password protected will ensure that even if someone did get their hands on the computer, they wouldn’t be able to go any further to find out knowledge about your company. Also, you need to put in place an excellent malware protection software. That way, it can prevent your business from being corrupted which could put your data at risk. And you need to look into different measures like DRaaS which you can read about on sites like It will protect your servers, data, and applications, so nothing is put at risk if a disaster occurs.



Keep employees happy and safe

You might be surprised how often it’s down to disgruntled employees when a company faces a PR scandal. After all, if they aren’t happy about how they are treated by the business, they might tell everyone what they think online. Also, if they take steps to try and sue the company, it can soon become public knowledge. And it can lose you clients in the process. And it can cause you to lose potential new staff who would have been an asset to your business. Therefore, you need to keep employees happy for the sake of your business. You should ensure you are a fair employer and give them a chance to develop while at your company. And as it says on, if you do have to let them go, make sure you follow the correct laws. That way, your former employee will have no leg to stand on if they do make a claim about your company. You also need to take steps to ensure your staff stays safe at your business. At the end of the day, their well-being should be top priority for your company. If they did get into an accident down to lack of training or poor equipment, not only could their health be in jeopardy, but your business will also be slaughtered all across the media and industry. Therefore, put safety measures in place so that your employees stay well and healthy while working for your company!

Get a PR manager

It’s also a good idea to consider getting a PR manager in place to deal with this aspect of the business. After all, they will be working to ensure your company gets the best reputation possible. They will make sure your business gets lots of good PR opportunities to build up trust and brand awareness. And if something did occur which could jeopardize your business, they would soon take action to limit the damage to your company. Therefore, it might not have to be the end of your business! If you would rather not hire a person to deal with it for your company, you could just work with a PR business. After all, they will take on all the PR work for your company. And will have experience in things like damage limitation to ensure your business doesn’t go under.

And remember to always give your say if something does occur. After all, it could easily turn things around, so it doesn’t have to be a massive scandal for your business!