Are You Still Making Marketing Mistakes In 2017?

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July 11, 2017

As your business gets older, it should get wiser. After all, people accumulate knowledge over time. However, there are some people, and therefore businesses, that are stuck in their ways. As a result, they make the same mistakes year after year without hesitation. Lots of companies don’t even realize they are in the wrong, which is shocking. To ensure you aren’t one of these bosses or businesses, you need to understand the common errors that are most likely to occur. With that in mind, here are the ones to watch out for in 2017 from a marketing perspective. If any of the following ring a bell, it’s time to make a change.

Not Measuring Content

2017 is the year of Big Data. In fact, that statement will be true of every year from now until 2027. Still, data is the king now, and it’s vital that you embrace the revolution. The reason it is so popular is the fact that firms can measure success. When you put something out into the world, it is easy to decide whether it worked or not as long as you have the information. Then, you can use the numbers to reinvent the plan or tweak it to different areas and regions for better results. Most importantly, it takes guessing out if the equation. The next time you come up with a strategy, you won’t have to wait, see, and hope it works.

Not Engaging On Social Media

Being active on Twitter isn’t the same as engaging with your followers and peers. Sure, posting pictures on Instagram is a good start, yet it is only a start. Why? It’s because posting links and pics is very passive. Instead, you want to be active and engage people to increase the potency of your campaign. So, that means you need to comment on posts, reply to tweets, and create fun competitions on a weekly basis. Hopefully, this will be enough to keep people interested enough to click on new content.



Not Hiring Professionals

It may be 2017, but businesses are still going it alone. Yep, it’s like they have never heard about outsourcing! If you are one of these firms, you need to take a long hard look in the mirror. For starters, outsourcing not only cuts costs but it increases the quality of the product. As outsourcers have lots of resources, they can invest more time to improve the standard. Just as importantly, they also have skill and expertise that you lack. Let’s face it, Web Full Circle SEO services are bound to be more effective than a Google search. In 2017, there are no excuses not to hire a team of experts.

Not Using Video

Content is king and will always be king. However, the platform isn’t the same anymore. Whereas the written word used to carry a lot of weight, videos are now the most popular. Not only are they engaging, but they also link to social media. Plus, YouTube gets hundreds of millions of hits a day and billions per week.

Why wouldn’t you want a piece of that action?