Stress Less To Impress

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July 11, 2017
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You’ve finally arrived home after a hectic day at work. Your head is pounding. It’s past dinner, you haven’t eaten, but you’re not hungry. You run yourself a bath. The warmth of the water begins to relax you, but you suddenly feel tears rolling down your cheeks. This is not how it’s meant to be. But it is for thousands of people up and down the country. Workplace stress is on the rise as jobs become ever more pressurized and businesses are expected to perform better with fewer resources. However, there are ways to alleviate your stress allowing you more time to impress.

The most important aspect of life is your health. Jobs, companies, and businesses will come and go, but your health is something that you only have one shot at. Ensure that you are eating well, going to the gym and paying attention to your mental and emotional wellbeing. Make sure you are still spending your weekends exploring your hobbies whether this is a couple of rounds of golf, attending an art class or venturing out on a ten-mile hike. Do what you need to do to switch off from work and give yourself some breathing space.

When it comes to your place of work, there are some practical steps that you could take to ease the stress burden. There is not much that is more stressful than ensuring the smooth running of your business infrastructure. If you are a business leader, consider outsourcing your customer service provision or your IT support. Specialist companies, such as Level 5 Management, work with you to provide a tailored and comprehensive IT support plan enabling you to think about more pressing issues concerning your business. By relinquishing an area of your business to a specialist company, you are naturally alleviating a proportion of your stress.

A simple and often underestimated instant stress reliever is deep breathing. If you have just had a particularly heated exchange over the telephone with a colleague, don’t rush into the next thing you need to do. Stop and breathe, concentrating on the rhythm of your deep breaths. This will focus your energy and allow you to approach your next meeting or phone call on a more even keel.

Perhaps the most harmful aspect of stress is the feeling of never getting anything accomplished. You may have a plan for your day with a variety of activities that you wish to see completed. Why can’t you realize your plan? Because it is the unforeseen emails, phone calls and problems that arise during the day that you find yourself dedicating all of your time to meaning that you lose sight of the bigger picture. Take back control and set up a schedule for dealing with these ad hoc interruptions to your day and let your colleagues or employees know about it. Obviously, emergencies do occur without warning but the fact that someone has launched into your office, arms flailing, ranting and raving about the broken water cooler isn’t one of them.

By taking on board these ideas, you can manage your stress, be productive and enjoy your job again. So, take a deep breath…