Why Your Workaholism Can Be Detrimental To Your Business

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July 16, 2017

There are many business owners that are non-stop working. They are constantly on their phone or sending emails, as well as just being on their phone dealing with work things. Perhaps you are one of them? But constantly working like that and never giving yourself a break, is not good for you or your business. There is a warped logic that the more work you do, the more successful your business will be. But that is not the case! You can still have a thriving business that doesn’t need you constantly micromanaging it. So here are the reasons why you shouldn’t be working so hard if you do actually want your business to succeed and do well.

You Can’t See The Bigger Picture

When you are caught up in the day to day of running a business, it can prevent you from seeing more things about your business or looking to the future. If you are working in your business, you can have a hard time working on your business, if that makes sense? You should be able to see the long term potential of your business, not just the admin based tasks. Hire someone to do those kinds of tasks for you, so you can focus on actual growth, not just the day to day.

You Fill Your Time

One of the problems with constantly working is that you will always find things to do. Of course, you will. There are rarely any things in business (or life) that get fully completed. So if you give yourself eight hours to get all that you need to do done, you won’t. You’ll get to tick off some things but find new things to consume your time with. Working in shorter bouts can be a little easier, as if you only have one or two hours to get something done, you will work your hardest to get those things done in that time. Plus, you have the added bonus of not creating new tasks for yourself. When the work is done, the work is done.

You’ll Burnout

As with any exercise, any professional will tell you that you need to have a recovery day. You need to have time to rest, refocus, and give your body chance to heal itself. The same goes in business. You might not be physically running a marathon or hiking a mountain, but your body (and mind) do need time to rest and recover. So it makes no sense to constantly work seven days a week. If it is all becoming too much, then you might even think about selling your business. If you sell a business sell all that comes with it. Then you could be financially free to try something new or start a business in a different focus area. You have to do what is right for you.

It seems unfortunate that social media, and media in general, have glamorized this workaholic mindset. You can still enjoy life and run a successful business; you just need to make a few changes to do so.