Digital Marketing Central : The Most Up To Date Tips On Getting Your Brand Out There

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July 18, 2017
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Digital marketing is the present and the future of getting your brand out there and in front of potential customers. But as it’s such a fast moving field, how can you be sure that you are keeping up with the latest trends? Well, luckily we just so happened to have written you this guide below

The value of video

Something that you will want to make the most of its video content in your digital marketing. Not only is it relatively cheap and easy to create but it also encourages shares and personalises your brand and product. Something customers seem to respond well too.

There are, of course, different ways to create engaging video content that supports your brand. For example, you may consider creating how to guides that feature advice and information about how to complete a certain task or project related to your industry. A great example of this being the Tastemade recipe videos that show a speed up version of a simple process, demonstrating how quick it is. As well as getting people to click through to their main website.

However, instead of an instructional route, you may prefer to do something that is more entertainment based. This could be something that is less related to your brand directly, but is aimed at your target audience. Allowing them to associate your brand with a positive feeling that comes from watching and sharing the video that you have provided.

Lastly, don’t forget to utilise the live video function on many social media and website platforms. This is again a cheap way of marketing your product, and you can approach client from the perspective of offering them assistance and education, instead of just ramming your product down their throats. Something that they are bound to respond more warmly to.

The future is now with AI software

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 Something else that you can use in your digital marketing campaign is artificial intelligence or AI. No, don’t worry you don’t need to invest in a robot to sit behind a computer screen and answers question and comments on your site.

Instead, we are talking about software AI, that can deal with big data and complicated patterns. Allowing you to identify and target specific groups of people that are in line with your audience. Something that we will see more and more of over the coming years.

Relevance in content marketing is vital

Content marketing continues to be on trend as well, and it a wonderful way of getting your brand out there. But of course, it’s evolving to, and you need to stay ahead of the game to remain relevant.

One way to do this is to engage the services of a professional creative digital agency to help you ensure that the content you are producing is on brand and relevant.

In fact, relevance is really the key here, as good content should be all about helping the customers to solve problems in their life. Rather than as an empty shell of keywords and links to your own products and sites.

Websites are your online storefronts

Also, remember that your website is like a digital storefront, it’s the very first thing many people will see or hear of your brand. That means it needs to represent your business in the right way. To do this, you need to get all the basic things like making it clear, visually appealing, and simple to navigate.

You also need to steer clear of static and basic sites that offer no interactivity for the client. This is because they not only looked dated now, but they overlook a vital way of engaging potential customers. Remember if a customer is using your site to work something out, learn something or get some valuable information, they are likely to buy from you because your products are conveniently right there.

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Also, you have already established a bond with them. They are coming to you for something, a situation that echoes the to the seller buyer relationship. This helps you to create the association with your company in their in the minds.

Customer communities can help create a buzz

Customer communities are also something that you should consider including in your digital marketing strategy this year. They are helpful because they provide a forum on which previous and potential customers can exchange ideas around your product.

They also navigate that very difficult bridge of being objective and promotional. As it’s not actually you, the company that is saying stuff about the products. Yet a buzz is being created around it anyway.

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