Think Your Company Is Safe From Lawsuits? Think Again

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July 27, 2017

Suing people is big business these days, and who better to sue if you want some quick cash than a huge corporation? They’ve got the cash to spare and people are less likely to have sympathy for them. In some cases, people have a very legitimate reason to sue a company but a lot of the time, the reasons are completely ridiculous. Making sure that your employees are safe is one way to avoid lawsuits, but when it comes to customers, it’s a little more tricky. You might think that your company hasn’t given anybody a reason to sue you, but you’re probably wrong. People will find the tiniest little thing that they can blow out of all proportion and use it as an excuse to bleed you dry. If you don’t believe me, these are some of the most ridiculous lawsuits out there.

Mcdonald’s Coffee Incident


If you buy a coffee, you know that it’s hot, right? And you would take extra care not to spill it on yourself, right? Well, not everybody is that sensible. In 1992, a woman bought a coffee from a Mcdonald’s drive through and tried to remove the lid while she was in the car. In her attempt to juggle the steering wheel and the cup of coffee, she ended up spilling it all over herself and seriously burning herself. As unfortunate as that is, it isn’t really the fault of Mcdonald’s. Or so you would think. In reality, the courts decided differently and after taking a lawsuit out against the company, she won $1.7 million because she claimed that the coffee was too hot and it was dangerous. So you see, if you don’t get insurance for your company, you could end up with a huge bill for something completely ridiculous. Common sense would dictate that Mcdonald’s didn’t do anything wrong, but they still ended up out of pocket.

Nike Vs A Pimp

Although he didn’t win the lawsuit, a local pimp managed to cause Nike a huge amount of trouble by trying to sue them for the stupidest reason. In 2013, he was locked up for committing a violent assault on somebody, and who did he blame for it? It wasn’t himself, neither was it the victim. He actually tried to claim that some of the blame should fall at the door of Nike because he was wearing their shoes while he did it. His argument was that Nike should have included a disclaimer letting people know that you could hurt somebody if you repeatedly kicked them while wearing the shoes because obviously he never intended to injure the man. It must have been the shoes.


When you see a beer ad showing a man sipping a cold one on a hot beach, surrounded by women, you don’t automatically assume that buying their beer will make those fantasies a reality, do you? Perhaps most of us don’t, but one man in Michigan took the adverts a bit too literally. After a few months of drinking the beer, he still hadn’t magically appeared on a tropical island and he was put out. He attempted to sue the manufacturer for false advertising, claiming that the adverts explicitly stated that drinking the beer would make your fantasies come true.