Brand Promotion in The 21st Century: Three New Approaches

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August 2, 2017

Moving product isn’t just about having the best items on the market, it’s also about how potential customer see and relate to your brand. That is why you have to stay ahead of the game when it comes to brand promotion. To do this, you will need to be aware of the most up to date ways of getting your name in front of people, three examples of which you will find below.







No longer is Video the realm of the rich and powerful. In fact, all of us have the ability to create videos with the devices in our pockets. Meaning that people’s view video as something accessible and desirable. That means your business can use this to create engaging content using this platform that will have a more significant impact than other methods.







To do this successfully the subject matter and the way that it is portrayed need to be engaging and entertaining, not just educational. The video production also needs to be of a high quality as it has to reflect the professionalism of your brand. That means editing it yourself in an app or getting Brian down the pub to do it for three beers, and a packet of crisps is out. After all, you will only want something that fits with the quality of your brand out there being seen by thousands of people.

Specific content  

Content online, especially in the form of blog posts and articles is getting to the point where it is as, if not more effective, than traditional advertising methods for brand promotion. This is in part because we have changed the way that we communicate as a society, with over 14 million Canadians using just Facebook daily, let alone all of the other popular places on the Internet.  Something that can provide an additional platform for this content to be placed, so it can reach more potential customers.







Of course, the content needs to be of a high quality and created in the right way. In particular, targeting specific questions and queries and answering those can help you reach a non-typical audience for your brand and product. Instead of writing articles that seem to have a wider appeal, but don’t contain much in the way of specific assistance or information. This work so well, as by introducing your brand to new customers in a helpful way, it forms a stronger positive association with them, than something like an advert might.







Lastly, don’t forget that in the 21st century we live and work in an interactive society. Consumers aren’t passive and producers are no longer separated from their target market by as many degrees of separation, as they once were. This is useful for brand promotion because you can draw customers in by offering chances to interact in a meaningful way.

To do this, you can host webinars, or video Q & A sessions related to the area that your product falls under. This is good for brand promotion because you are offering potential customers something before they buy, a great way to encourage trust. As well as giving them an opportunity to be heard and interact. Something that is very important to 21st-century consumers.