SEO For CEO: The Metrics You Need To Know

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August 15, 2017

In the modern day and age that we live in, we can find the answer to anything just by the click of a button. So in our personal lives, as well as our business lives, knowledge and searching for things has been transformed. As a result of this, being able to learn about search engine optimization, especially for your business, is a very important tool when it comes to your marketing strategy.

However, many business owners, or in this case CEOs, are unsure of where to start when it comes to SEO and how it can help their business. But recently, a study found that 66% of inbound marketing came from SEO, so it does have a significant impact. Where do you start with it, though? You could always outsource your SEO and have an agency deal with it all for you. Somewhere like White Chalk Road, for instance. But if you’re not sure to start, then this is for you. Having an understanding is going to be good or your business, whether you are the one doing it all or not. So here is all you need to know about SEO and how you can make it work for your business.






Keyword Rankings

If you want to know how people can find your site, then you need to know what they are searching for when your site comes up. Knowing what keywords are being searched and tracking it, will let you know if you’re choosing the right keywords for your site. After all, you want to be ranking higher than your competitors. So for every blog post or new page you add to your site, you should be adding keywords to it. Then you are able to track them and see how they rank.

Search Engine Traffic

Obviously, tracking the amount of visitors you get to your site from search engine searches is going to be a good idea. You can track if those visits are increasing, as well as what is being searched for your site to come up. Track a few months at a time, but obviously, be aware of seasonal changes, especially if your business is related to seasonal things, like vacation rentals, for instance. You can view daily traffic too. So if you’ve had the launch of something new, then you can track if people are looking for it by date. You can even track where the traffic is coming from by looking at the specific search engines where the traffic has come from.

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is how long people are staying on your page. When you see how long people are staying on your page, it will give you an idea of if the search terms or keywords are the right things for your business. If your bounce rate is quite high, then it shows that people find your site, then quickly click off it, showing that you aren’t what they were looking for. It can also help you to add more content to your site to have them stay longer if need be.