Creativity in Business: 5 Inspiring Success Stories

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August 23, 2017






Creative problem-solving is the crux of any successful business. Whether it’s combining two concepts that have never been combined before or finding a new solution to a problem, there may just be a profit-making creative idea out there waiting to be picked up by someone like yourself. Here are a few inspiring success stories when it comes to creativity…

The dumpling rickshaw

After meeting at NYU’s Stern School of Business, Kenny Lao and David Weber had the idea to start a dumpling takeout restaurant. They opened their first store in 2005, and soon after opened a second restaurant, which proved too ambitious. After almost hitting bankruptcy, they decided to sell up both restaurants and operate out of a food truck instead. The move was a huge success. The company Rickshaw Dumpling has since hired over 70 employees.

The ‘barndominium’

Construction company Armstrong Steel were given the challenge to build a barn and a guest condo for a client within a budget. Rather than building two separate structures, they decided to opt for the concept of a barndominium. The innovative idea even involved building a breezeway to ensure the smell of the horses didn’t get into the condo section of the building. The result was huge cuts in costs and a one-of-a-kind structure.

Organic baby food

When looking for an organic baby food for their infants, Liane Waintraube and Shannon Swanson realised that there wasn’t one on the market. They began by making their own purees and then had the idea to turn it into their own product. The result was Tasty Brand. It has since become a hit product, available in many big stores worldwide and making millions of dollars’ worth of sales.

Dress rental and dry cleaning

The two entrepreneurs behind Rent the Runway decided to set up a service for renting luxury dresses that would allow people to hire them at a fraction of the price of buying them. Operating online, the business was a huge success. Rent the Runway were able to expand their business, buying up a huge dry cleaning service for keeping each dress in pristine condition. The company pride their ability to provide each dress in a condition as if it came straight off the hanger.

The gas-shopping app

Jason Toews and Dustin Coupal created a website back in 2000 called Gasbuddy that compared the prices of gas stations. It was a good concept, but one that required people to log in on a computer – not ideal if you’re driving along and want to know local gas prices. In 2009 however they became aware of the potential of apps and decided to convert their concept into an app. Gasbuddy now receives huge amounts of users from all around the world every day, all looking to save money on fuel. In fact, over sixty million people have downloaded the app.