Common Mistakes of Small Businesses and What You Can Do About It

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September 1, 2017

If you are starting a business, then you no doubt be new to it all. You might have a basic understanding of various things, but is it in-depth enough to get you through what you need to do? You might be getting along fine, with some profit being generated. But are there some mistakes that you’re making, that are stopping your small business from growing and growing? So here are some common mistakes that all startups are making; are you one of them?





Not Carrying Out Market Research

You have your business idea, and you run with it. But have you checked with people if there is a real demand for it? Have you checked if people are willing to pay for it and what the cost they are prepared to pay is? Even if you’re generating some profit at the moment, is it a business idea that can keep going and going? Many small businesses just take the leap and get into it, even if they haven’t tested out the water. So make sure that you do your research to see the validity of your product or service.

Not Blogging

Blogging is one way that you can quite easily market your business. You can write and share relevant content for your readers, as well as share on social media channels. It helps your search engine rankings too, which all leads to new people finding out about your brand or product. So if you’re not blogging, you really are missing a trick. Of course, you need to get your site up and running with a hosting service like SiteGround. But it is worth looking to compare SiteGround hosting services to make sure you are getting the best deal with all of the services and requirements that you need.

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Not Planning Business Expenses

Being a small business owner can be tricky, and one of the things that you will need to learn, mainly through trial and error, is learning where and when to spend money. You don’t want to waste funds and spend unnecessarily. But then again, what gets classed as necessary? This is where all of the planning will come in. For instance, is it better to be spending on hiring a freelancer to sort our your accounts or to get the glass door in the office fixed? It can be easy to spend unnecessarily when there is money in the accounts. But if you keep doing so, there won’t be any money left in there for long.

Not Marketing Your Business Well

You may think that only large and established businesses need to advertise. But you see, there is a reason why they are large and established; they have used advertising! Small businesses are the ones that need to be marketing and advertising, for sure. So set aside part of your budget to be able to do so, and you’ll see the benefit of it. From posters to Google Ads, there are many ways to advertise and reach your target audience.