Clever Marketing Tactics For A Huge ROI

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September 12, 2017
clever marketing

If there’s one thing you want to do with your business, it’s create a huge return on the investments you make. Marketing is a must for any business, but there are an abundance of tactics and techniques you can use in an attempt to get results. Which ones should you use to get the results you really want?

Here, you’ll find a list of clever marketing tactics for a huge ROI. Not only that, you can take a look at stats to back them up! Using these could seriously change your business for the better.

clever marketing





Take The Time To Perform Split Test Experiments

Split test experiments, AKA conversion rate optimisation, is one of the best ways to figure out what is really working for you. You can use these techniques to understand your visitors better, and get a good idea of why you may not be converting.

By changing one small thing at a time, even a color or font, you may find that you get more conversions. This can help you to hone your marketing materials and techniques to get the best results imaginable. You send two versions of your site to two groups of people, and see which one performs better. You continue to change one thing at a time, such as the wording of something or the placement of your call to action, and continue to hone as you go. You’ll get a much better idea of how your customers work this way, what’s making them purchase, and what you can do to keep them coming back for more. Don’t just assume that your site is perfect because you’ve spent months putting it together. You need to be sure that everything is just right, and that your audience are responding to it.

Regular Blogging And Vlogging

Content really is king when it comes to marketing these days. Regular, consistent blogging and vlogging is a must for businesses. You’re not immediately selling anything or going to get money from blogging, but you can create more interest, traffic, and inadvertently create more sales for yourself this way. People who are interested in your brand will want to read blogs from you, and watching vlogs can be effective as they get an idea of your personality. Vlogs also allow you to get an idea or some information across in a shorter space of time. Here are some pointers you must bear in mind if you’re going to start blogging/vlogging:

  • Make sure you’re only publishing high quality content. It should be well edited, easy to read/watch, and there should be no spelling errors or anything like that. Your content must look professional.
  • If you’re blogging, it must have at least one attractive picture. Images make people click on things more than just block text. The image needs to be clear, bright, and relevant. If you can include original images taken by you, that’s even better.
  • You must post regularly. Make sure you know how often is viable for you, and how often others post and what results they get from that. Stats will help you. If you can only blog once per week, then make sure you stick to that. There are ways you can automate this process to make it easier.
  • Make sure your content is original – don’t rewrite somebody else’s content, definitely don’t copy and paste, and come up with your own ideas!

Use these tips to start creating content that will complement your brand and get your audience coming back to you.

Using Social Media

Using social media is a must, for obvious reasons. Millions of people check social media at least a couple of times a day, and there are advertising tactics you can use to make sure you’re targeting the exact people that are in your demographic. Facebook ads are great, but simply using social media the way it was intended is great too. Here are a few tips:

  • Automate social media.
  • Only use the platforms you can keep up with. Start by knowing where your target audience are.
  • Post consistently for that specific platform.
  • Be social, don’t just advertise.
  • Always remain professional!
  • Come up with a brand personality so you better relate with your audience

Give Stuff Away

People love free stuff. Chances are, if you give something branded away that people will really use, they’ll remember you and consider using your services/products in the future. Places like dynamic gift offer stubby coolers, mouse mats, and other unique items that ensure your brand name is on display at all times. You could even give away a free sample product if you’re confident it will help you to generate business!

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation takes time, but it’s worth it. You must map out the user journey to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible. We should all be more concerned with customer experience, and this helps to make sure they have an experience that is as positive as can be.

Automation will produce much better results in the long run and increase your business efficiency. You’ll find yourself with so much more time to focus on things like analytics and tweaking your campaigns too!

Marketing Stats

  • 68% of people will spend a good amount of time reading content published by a brand they’re interested in.
  • The average shopper’s attention span is 8 seconds.
  • 83% of online tech buyers found the vendor through Google search.
  • Online buyers usually go through 57% of the buying process alone without speaking to sales.
  • 84% of audiences aged 25-34 have left a website due to intrusive advertising.
  • Brands that publish 15 blog posts per month convert 1,200 new leads per month.

Good Tracking

Finally, good tracking is an essential component of making sure you’re getting the best ROI. This way you can see what you need to do more of and what you need to do less of. The right tracking and metrics must be in place; there’s simply no room for lazy marketers. You must be proactive and understand the science behind digital marketing!