Screw Your Head On Right Before You Begin Your Business

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September 12, 2017
screw your head on right

We all know that business is a fickle discipline. Trying to chase the products that the market wants, developing one that will fit this need in time, and trying to stay relevant are all difficult tasks enough, but that’s not even 50% of the functions a business performs when both internal and external responsibilities are considered. For this reason, especially in the early days, any turbulence which results in going off-schedule or under-funded could really make yourself and your firm experience some very significant difficulty.

Thankfully, businesses have been operating for a long time. This means that plenty of options exist to try and help solve any of the practical business problems you may meet as a business owner. If you’re a new business owner, these solutions can act as the lifeblood to help you out of difficult situations. This also means that with a little foresight, you can implement them to help you experience and learn how to deal with them in the future.

Here are a couple of the best examples we’d like to explore:

Invoice Financing

Invoice financing companies help you mitigate the delay of being paid which can sometimes result in a tough financial time of planning for small businesses. It’s often customary to give those you complete work for 90 days to pay you the original sum, but this can feel like an era when cash flow is limited, and the operational costs are piling up. A good opportunity cost is to hire the services of an invoice financing, which after verification with your customer, allows you to acquire almost the entire amount invoiced immediately.

When the customer is able to pay, they pay the invoicing business firm and the final cap of the invoiced fund are released back to you, minus the small fee accrued for conducting business in this way. This can help you get over the worst of the financial uncertainty which can stifle the smallest businesses with even the most promising futures ahead. It might make the difference between making it through a bad month and having to cut back on key business functionalities. Use your best judgment in this instance.

Cheap Acquisition

In the early days of your business, it’s likely that you feel setting yourself up with the most valuable assets is high on the agenda. This isn’t the case. As a small business you can largely operate without so much of an initial financial investment. For example, the Google suite allows businesses to gain an online, cloud based and communicative system for hosting files, contacting employees and scheduling work or appointments.

It is intrinsically accessible to all machines which have access to the internet and have Google Chrome or the Android apps available. For this reason, getting online and functionally is cheaper than it’s ever been, and that’s a very exciting prospect for many who hope to begin. Not only that, but other firms are starting to wise up regarding their software licensing, understanding that an army of small businesses paying somewhat of a contribution can be amazingly more lucrative than an elite class meeting a huge cost of entry. For this reason, Adobe, proud developers of such programs like Photoshop and InDesign, have switched their business and personal acquisition model to an affordable business based subscription fee. If you’re a content creator of any sort, never has it been easier to overcome the initial etiquette and rival the big boys of the industry for a fraction of the cost.

Keep an eye on how best to manage your money using methods like this, and you can be sure to have your business sense screwed on tightly.