How Wasteful Is Your Business?

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September 17, 2017

There are so many challenges in the workplace today and this is no different in the manufacturing biz. There is competition around the globe and in a rocky economy, staying ahead of that competition is difficult! There are many things that a manufacturing business or factory can do to ensure they are as efficient as possible, and as a business owner you should be proactive about the way you do this. It’s all about helping the bottom line and ensuring customers are happy, and we’ve put together some of the best ways you can make sure your business is efficiently run and not being wasteful with time!


Identify Issues.

The first thing any business has to do is look at its processes and work out where productivity is at its slowest. If your company isn’t utilising companies like Cablevey conveyors to ensure that its processes are working efficiently, it should be. The longer it takes a business to get a product made and ready for shipping, the more expensive it becomes to make and the less people want to wait for it! If you leave products sitting and doing nothing, you are only costing yourself more money and so you must work to create protocols and practices that make sense. Think about where your staff could be wasting time and buy equipment to reduce this time wasted.

Permanent Fixes Count.

There is no use in investing in temporary solutions to problems. Once you’ve identified where you are wasting time and money, fix it permanently. If you have machinery that is regularly breaking down, and you’ve spent the money fixing it over and over, it is absolutely time to replace the item! You don’t need to waste time constantly fixing something that is going to break, when you can spend the money on something new and thus stop wasting time while waiting for repairs and replacement parts.

Understand Customer Needs.

You can only efficiently sell a product if you are giving the customers what they want. If you are not identifying their needs properly, you end up creating stock that won’t shift – what a waste of time! Learn the priorities of your customers and start making products that you can ensure will actually sell.

Build The Right Team.

Every machine needs the correct, well-oiled cog. Your team are those cogs and your business is the machine that needs to work properly. Don’t underestimate the power of the people and utilise the skills you have in the team you have to do better for your company. A team that is unmotivated will not work to the best of their abilities, and you need everyone working properly to be effective in your processes.

Each of these fixes take a good leader to manage them and if you want your company to be productive in the way it runs, it’s going to be up to you to ensure that you are saving time and money and not wasting either!