5 Trust Issues Your Customer Will Have With You

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September 24, 2017

The internet and the power of the search engine have made it easier than ever for your customers to research. They can research the price of similar products. They can research your customer reviews. They can even quickly and easily see who owns your business, or how often you post to your blog. Transparency is essential because if you have anything to hide, your customers will still find out!

Of course, trust is a huge part of any transaction. The customer is putting their faith in you to deliver what they expect. That means you are responsible for managing those expectations as well as building up the trust your customer needs to give you money. Here are the 5 main trust issues you need to overcome:

Legit Business

Anyone can start an eStore. That means you need to prove you are an established and reputable company. You need a face or a personality to humanize that business. Make sure a full business address is on your website. Add a landline phone number. Ask a website builder to ensure your pages look professional. They must meet the expectations of the customer for functionality.


Quality Products

If you’re selling products, you have to prove they are high quality and do the job well. Justify your prices. Make sure you clearly detail the returns procedure, so customers are cared for if something isn’t right. Demonstrate the products, and collate good reviews. Include as much detail on your product pages as you can. Why not add an FAQ? You have to convince the customer to trust you that this product will solve their problem.

Secure Payment

Customers don’t trust online retailers because they fear that payment details will be stored and stolen. Use trusted payment options. The same applies in store. Use a good quality machine bearing the best-known card logos. Have a look at merchants.services to see what kind of payment options you can choose from. Provide good quality and detailed receipts. Clarify the refund procedure, and any discounts applied.



Packaging and Delivery

If a customer is buying a fragile item from you, they want to know that product is protected. Have you provided the right packaging to ensure it arrives damage-free? If you sell items like this, include a paragraph or two, or even a whole post to it. Build up the trust by posting YouTube videos of customers unpacking and using your products. As for delivery? Use good couriers or delivery services your customer might already know.

After Sales

You want good reviews from customers, so you need to make sure the trust is in place after the sale. A good after sales service offers several methods of contacting you should something go wrong. It clarifies the returns procedure and refund method. It should also be friendly and chatty, offering more help on how to use the product effectively. This solidifies the trust you have built. Chances are, that customer will come back again and again.

Building trust takes time. It’s not a single-step procedure either. Accept that new customers will be wary, and assure them throughout the sales journey.