3 Perceptions You Want To Encourage Your Business Audience To Keep

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October 3, 2017

In the modern world of industry, perception means everything. This is why marketing is so important in the modern day. Not only can it tailor the perceptions your consumers hold dear about your firm, but it can help craft new methods of approaching your firm. Consumers aren’t instantly greeted with an impression of your business unless you sell them on it, or at least attempt to. You also have some attitudes in your favour.

Consumers want to enjoy the companies they do business with. They want to spend their money on good products, and they want to feel validated in doing so. For this reason, you should attempt to foster the correct mindset when approaching your firm. The following five perceptions are the most important. Consult with your marketing company, or begin your personalized marketing strategy with them in mind for the best potential for success.


People want to think that your business is here to stay, no matter how humble or how large it is. They don’t want to invest in your firm, especially if you’re offering a subscription service if YOU are the one who could default regarding the terms of the contract. For that reason, you want to make sure you have the solid funding to adhere to the terms of the contract, by gaining a capital loan to get you set up from a service like workingcapital.co. This adequate funding will help you get set up, especially when it comes to meeting the terms of your crowdfunding or showing potential investors about the capacity of your operation before they do part with their cash injection.


You need to seem friendly to your audience. You need to be available and open for support tickets. You need to have a staff who are well educated, affable, and available to give your audience what they need to remain customers and repeat purchasers. The approachability of your business method will give you a solid standing when it comes to communicating with your clients.

It will allow you to use ‘modern’ and ‘open’ new platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, because your firm will feel like a natural fit there as opposed to a corporation trying to seem ‘hip.’ This is largely the most important thing to get right, and the most damaging thing to get wrong on this list.


What stands you out from the market? Why should a consumer take a risk on small business, and not contribute to the larger corporations which have a grip on the market? For example, why should they try and support your new soda flavor when Coca-Cola is already such an established and reliably enjoyable brand?

This is what you need to answer in the mind of your audience before they even have a chance to pose the question. You need to seem fresh, innovative, of the future. Despite the sadness of the success of the tobacco and cigarette industry, none can argue the marketing ability they had. When it came to needing to double their marketing exposure, they made the cigarette seem, through smart marketing, like something women should also be involved in to stay fashionable. Despite the relatively dirty and unclean habit being attributed to ‘masculinity’, all of a sudden the product switched perceptions and became a unisex item that celebrated the beauty of both genders, at least through its marketing campaign.

This final, yet sad example should prove that the perception of your business and product is always available for improvement.