5 Business Hacks

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October 3, 2017

We are all suckers for a good life hack, and you can apply many of them to your work life. Like motivation tips, organization hacks and even fashion advice. Yet there are hacks that only apply in a business situation.These business hacks will help you in almost every area of running your company.


Advertising can be costly, so save the cash, and save the effort by piggybacking. You can add on your ad to invoices and emails you already send out to your customers. You can also piggyback onto other companies – with their knowledge of course. Most of the tie these arrangements are a two-way deal, with both sides getting something. You can also find the occasional unplanned advertising hack, where your competitor inadvertently advertises you – like this British coffee chain against Starbucks.


Who said that networking could only be done through wooing the right client? Networking can happen anywhere at any time, and you need to be ready for it. Don’t hassle people, but don’t miss an opportunity. If you’re at a bar and overhear someone lamenting about their broken guitar – and you happen to fix broken guitars – slip that person your business card.


We all need it, and we all wish it had more features than it does. And there are ways to achieve that without hiring a specialist. Take Windows 10 for instance; there is a way to use the developer mode to enable the use of non-certified Windows Store applications, and even optimize different Windows programs. Developer mode benefits are many, and the way to unlock it is easy. 


Telling people what to do it part of the job. But the hack is to know when to delegate and when not to. You can hire people or outsource jobs, but you will find that you are delegating jobs you don’t want to do yourself. Say you hate bookkeeping, but you love writing content – you are more likely to hire a bookkeeper than a copywriter. But the hack for a better business is in delegating in a balanced way. You may not like finances, but it’s an integral part of your business – so know how it works.


Monday morning meetings will never be a good idea, but you need to get everyone on track for the week. Make the meeting more enticing by adding in an exciting twist. Perhaps you buy a round of coffee from the coffee store down the road – you turn up at the meeting, and you get your morning latte – who would want to resist a coffee bribe? Or you can split them into smaller meetings for each department. You might be a bit busier, but the meetings themselves will be shorter. Your meetings need to get people hyped and ready for the week, so perhaps this is something you delegate to different people each week, so that the company stays involved from different points of view.