The Secret To Keeping Your Office A Productive Environment

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October 9, 2017

As a business leader, you want the best from your team. This means creating the optimum environment for them to work, creating a shared vision that every staff member can buy into and showing your employees that they are valued. Simply stating that you require hard work from your team without any incentive or praise will fall on deaf ears. You need to celebrate successes, constantly boost morale and think of strategies that will maintain momentum. We can’t all take a leaf out of Apple’s book and reward our staff with beer parties and staggering discounts on iPads. Take a look at these ways in which you can keep your office a productive environment.


It may sound simple, but the layout of your office is key to maintaining morale and encouraging optimum effort. If your working environment still resembles the singular booths lining the floor space from the 1980s, then you are not promoting creative thinking or collaborative working in any way. Make your office more flexible and encourage those water cooler moments where ideas can be formed.

Give your office a lick of paint. Send out a questionnaire informing your staff that you’ll be giving their office a facelift and ask for their opinions. Giving them ownership of the space that they are working in will encourage a greater work ethic. If you love the idea of a duck egg blue shade for the walls but every single one of your employees favors the Edwardian green, you know which hue to go for.


If the last time you invested in some decent office furniture was when the year began with a ‘1’, then you are in desperate need of an office makeover. Consider purchasing some new plusher chairs with adequate back support, superior quality office desks, and filing cabinets. Opting for a coherent furniture design can make the office look more professional and make it a more pleasant place to work boosting productivity.

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It’s not simply the furniture in the office or the color that the walls are painted that will promote productivity. You need to lead by example and show your team that they are valued. Send out a weekly email updating your employees of company’s progress and sales figures. Share positive feedback from clients and pick out one or two staff members by name and praise them for their work that week. You’ll be surprised at how motivating positive praise can be. By being open with the successes that your company is enjoying, you are showing your staff that you trust them, respect them and value all that they do for your business.

Maintaining a productive environment that encourages the highest quality work at all times isn’t an easy task. However, if you listen to your employees, give them opportunities to have their voices heard and demonstrate to them the added value they give to your company, you will be able to get the best out of your team.