Company Spotlight: Getting Media Attention For Your Business

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October 11, 2017

Newspaper circulation might be dwindling, but make no mistake about it: the media is more powerful than it’s ever been, and if you’ve got a young company, then these media outlets can set you into the stratosphere. However, the media aren’t running around looking for just anything to report on: they only want things that their readers would like to read, and that means it has to be interesting. As such, it’s not always easy getting your name in the papers, but it’s not impossible. Below, we take a look at five ways you can build some media buzz for your business.





Contacting Relevant Outlets

The media isn’t anything at all; it’s one big mess of companies, all of whom have their different publications and mediums. As such, it’s important that you don’t just try to get your name in any old media outlet; you want to get it to the right media outlet. Do some research to determine which media organizations have covered your industry before, and get in touch with them. If you hire a writer to produce a press release for you, send it in. If it’s relevant to their readership, they might just run it.

At Trade Shows

As well as contacting media outlets directly, you should also position yourself at a place where you know they’ll be: trade shows. However, getting a reporter’s attention isn’t always so easy, especially as every other exhibitor will by trying to get into their paper too. Journalists will be browsing the tradeshow displays at the event, so make sure that yours stands out from the crowd. Learn which publications are covering the event, and then, when the reported approaches your stand, pitch a story – with your product name included – that is relevant to their readership.

Jumping on the Bandwagon

You don’t always have to invent your own story. Sometimes, you can just piggyback on the news stories that are already dominating the headlines. This isn’t always risk-free, as it requires that you take a stand on a news story (it’s obvious how this can backfire; you could end up alienating potential customers). However, if you’re commenting on a story through the lens of how it’ll affect your business, then that might be something that interests the newspapers.

Host Local Event

If you can’t find your way into the national press, then you can always rely on the trusty old local media outlets, who are nearly always looking for a story. One of the best ways to get into those papers is to host a local event. It can be a simple fun day, or giveaway, or anything else. Take a few photos and send them into the paper; they’ll write up a story, and it’ll be in the paper!

PR Stunts

Lastly, there’s the PR stunt. This does require a lot of creativity, but if you’re able to come up with a stunt that dangles before the media outlets like fish bait, you’ll find that a lot of them bite!