What Does It Take For People To Truly Connect With A Brand?

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October 14, 2017





Every company is striving to find that secret formula for success in the business world. We all know that it comes down to a successful brand, of course, but that’s easier said than done. What exactly are people looking for in a brand? You offer the same service, products, and skilled employees as your competitors and yet they still seem to steal all your potential customers away. What are they doing differently? Well, if you’re still struggling to answer these questions then here are some ideas that might give you an idea of what it takes for people to truly connect with a brand.

A clear image.

There’s nothing worse than a messy brand. Businesses which overthink their marketing and their corporate identity in a desperate bid to reach as many different corners of the market as possible usually end up with a cluttered brand image that makes no sense at all. People don’t want corporate jargon and they don’t want excessive detail. They’re looking for clarity in a brand.

Take a look at Apple; their branding, design, and marketing approach is all built around minimalistic imagery. A white background, a short and snappy logo, and a streamlined simplistic design; it’s as stripped back as a brand identity could possibly be. Channel that idea into your own branding. Keep your tagline short and make your message clear. If you’re an eco-friendly company then mention that as much as possible in your advertising. Display human values with which people can connect. Consumers like companies that look as if they’re run by human beings with feelings.

Great marketing.

Of course, no brand can get anywhere without a solid marketing campaign. You might offer an excellent service and have a beautifully-designed website but see barely any traffic or conversion from traffic to sales. You need to have the full package with regards to the company website. People are looking for responsive design suited to browsers on any advice, they’re looking for a simple payment system, and they’re looking for concise, minimalistic (yet again) design. Optimize your website and you won’t just impress customers but search engines; SEO is the way to go if you want to show up at the top of result pages.

Of course, when it comes to increasing website traffic, PPC management services are used by most businesses today and they usually involve going one step further than SEO through placing an advert at the top of search engine result pages. SEO is still a great way to push your business’ website up the rankings organically (without spending any money, for that matter), but if your company has the cash to spare then it could skip a few steps and put itself right in the consumer’s line of view. Think of it in the same way as traditional marketing methods such as putting a bigger billboard above all the smaller posters beneath. You’re likely to draw eyes a little more quickly.

A relationship built on trust.

Finally, you need to make a real connection with customers. As mentioned throughout this article, the key to a successful brand is one with which people can connect. However, flashy imagery and enticing promises can only get you so far. Your business needs to actually walk the walk as well as talking the talk. You need to live up to your expectations and exceed them if possible. Do this by building trust with customers. Strong reviews and a 24/7 line of communication are both things which prove that your business is an open book. That’s what it takes to build trust. Customers have to see that you’re a genuine brand representing a genuine company.