Fabulous Ways Of Keeping Your Communal Areas Clean

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October 31, 2017

Whether you own a restaurant, hotel, or even a building of offices, it’s your job to make sure that everything is kept clean and tidy to prevent complaints, injuries, and damages to any property that’s yours. Luckily, there are some easy ways in which you can achieve this and in this article is going to be some fabulous ways of keeping your communal areas clean.


Communication is key

If you’re hiring out rooms to businesses, or you run a hotel then you need to make sure that it’s easy to communicate with your customers and vice versa. Doing this will allow you to ensure that the room they are using is left in a clean and tidy manner, and that if any damages occur you can get them repaired as soon as possible, and also charge your customer if applicable. Also, if you’re going to be making changes to office spaces for example, you can let business owners know so that they can make arrangements for their staff or work day.

You should also be communicating to your customers and letting them know that you expect the space or room that they are using to be left in a clean and tidy condition after each day they’re using it. Write up a contract that you can both sign when someone is hiring a room from you so that if any damages occur, you can make them repair it.


It’s likely that somewhere in your establishment you have communal restrooms for everyone to use and unfortunately, if these rooms aren’t regularly cleaned it can quickly become a problem. Hire a cleaner to check on your bathrooms a few times a day and freshen them up by cleaning the toilets, adding more toilet paper, and also spraying air freshener. This will keep the overall cleanliness of your toilets higher; therefore keeping your customers happy.

Another idea which would help keep your bathrooms clean would be to buy equipment from Modern Industrial. They offer urinal screens, mats, deodorizers and much more which will dramatically help towards keeping your establishment up to scratch.


Corridors should always be kept free of any obstructions to avoid people falling and hurting themselves. This will save you being presented with a lawsuit against you for having dangerous items in your corridors. It also keeps your property looking clean and presentable; therefore giving off a good impression to new customers or guests.

You should also have a cleaner to vacuum your corridors (and rooms) each day to ensure that any debris or dirt that has been walked in during the day is cleared up ready for the next working day.

Finally, having automatic air fresheners strategically placed around the building will ensure that it’s always smelling it’s best for you and your guests.

Take in these three ways of keeping your communal areas clean and you will find that your job is much easier than before. Remember to write up contracts for room hire, keep corridors clear of obstruction, and hire a cleaner to tend to communal areas to ensure it’s clean and tidy at all times.