Revealed: Things to Know Before Starting a Blog

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October 31, 2017

If you have a business, along with a business website, then you need to be blogging. It is a great way to market your business, so it should be part of your digital marketing plan. It can help to spread awareness of your business, as well as increase how well you rank in online searches. Inviting a whole group of new potential customers to hear about your business or products can be the result, without you having to do too much. So if you’re not blogging at work, then you need to start doing it.

blogFirst thing is first, though; do you have a good website in which to work from? It will need to be user-friendly, work on mobile devices and be quick to load. If it doesn’t do these things, then it could be time to get a whole new website and website host. Not everyone is going to be tech-savvy when it comes to designing a website, though. Which is where an agency like King Kong might come in. When you pay someone who knows what they’re doing, it is likely to get done much faster and do exactly what you want it to do. So if you need a new site, it could be worth looking at King Kong agency reviews or similar. You want to make sure that you’re getting a good deal and the job will get done to your satisfaction.

If you have a website sorted, then it is time to start creating content. First of all, think about the kind of content that you want to be sharing. Will it be just current affairs or news topics that are related to your business, giving your opinion on things? Will it be more video-based content that includes tutorial videos, recipes, or instruction? Would general tips and advice around certain topics work best for your blog? The content that you share is key, so make sure that it will work for your business.

Then after creating each post, make sure you look at optimizing it for search engines to find; create catchy but relevant titles in your posts, as well as including certain keywords to really get search engines to pick up on it. Using images can be a good way to optimize too. Add alternative text to your images, rather than just what they were saved to your computer as. A recipe post, for example, could have each picture labelled as each step of the recipe. Search engines are surprisingly smart when it comes to that kind of thing, and will pick up that it is a recipe for spaghetti, for instance. So that is something important that often gets overlooked.

Growing a mailing list is another great way to reach your potential customers, as well as offer discounts and create loyalty. Having people subscribe to your site can mean that you are likely to get higher traffic, especially when you post new content. It also means that a greater buzz can be generated around a new product launch for your business, for example. It is good to offer them an incentive to sign-up, though. A discount for doing so, or some exclusive content is always a good route to go down.