Remember Me? Your Customers Definitely Will!

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November 1, 2017

These days, there are many industries and professions that are exceptionally competitive. Companies and businesses are continually fighting to attract new customers so that they can increase their sales and revenues. But that isn’t the easiest thing to manage when there are so many competitor companies out there!

One great way to ensure your customers keep on coming back to you is to make sure that you are a memorable company. And these tips can help your business stick in the mind of current and potential customers.


Create A Distinct Logo

It’s important that your company has a very distinctive branding that is very distinguishable from all your competitors. It’s a good idea to speak to a graphic designer about creating a new logo for you, as they will be able to use all of the latest trends in design to help you come up with a cool new logo. It’s important that they use memorable fonts and colors so that your logo and the whole company branding really stand out.

Create An App

Lots of customers now use companies online. They buy products and order services using online shops. But now more and more consumers are using their smartphones to view the web rather than desktop computers, lots of companies are now creating their very own app that people can use for purchases. When your customers have your app on their phones, it will be ever so easy to order from you, and they won’t be tempted to go with a competitor.


Give Out Freebies

Giving out some freebies to your customers is also a nice way to stick in your mind. Firstly, it will make you memorable by giving you a reputation as a friendly business. Secondly, giving out branded freebies will help spread your name. You can check here to see about getting branded lanyards, and you might also want to look into branded mouse mats, t-shirts, and mugs. People love free stuff, though, so I’m sure they will be pleased with whatever you give out.

Offer Deals And Discounts

People also love getting a good deal or discount, so offering regular special offers can help to attract a larger customer base. Plus, this is also a great way to help your customers stay loyal to your company. One nice gesture is to offer special discounts to your current customers. You can do this by emailing the offers out in your regular newsletters. That not only encourages people to buy things from your company, but it also persuades more people to sign up for your newsletter campaigns. If you don’t already have a newsletter in place, you can get one setup using a service like Mailchimp.

As you can see, there are lots of ways you can make your business and company a lot more memorable to your current and new customers. And none of the above tips are too difficult for most businesses to carry out.

Do you have any other tips you’d recommend to other companies?