Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing: What Are The Benefits?

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November 8, 2017

Of course, how well digital marketing works for you is really based on your audience. So, if you’re targeting people in their 70’s, you may want to use a mixture of traditional marketing with digital marketing to get the results you want. However, generally speaking, digital marketing has far more benefits than traditional marketing. It’s important to find a formula that works perfectly for your business, because every business will be different. But, if you’re struggling to see why digital marketing is so important, here’s what you need to know.

Broaden Your Horizons

One of the main objectives of any business is to stay ahead of competitors, even larger ones. Online marketing gives you a level playing field. You have all the same tools at your disposal as your competitors and you can reach a much bigger audience. With traditional marketing, small businesses often tend to struggle to keep up with larger competitors, but if you can keep up online and provide excellent customer service in addition, there’s no reason why should fail.


Save Money

Are you tired of paying out to place ads in magazines and newspapers? Even the cost of toner cartridges to print out advertising material is enough to send businesses into bankruptcy. That’s before you’ve paid for distributors to pass out the leaflets etc. to potential customers or post them through letter boxes. It’s time and money that businesses just can’t afford anymore. However, using online marketing doesn’t have to cost anywhere near as much. Setting up a business page on a social media platform doesn’t cost anything. And, even if you were to pay for their sponsored ads, it’s still a fraction of the cost.

What’s Working?

When you use different methods of traditional marketing, it’s difficult to tell what’s worked and what hasn’t. Of course, you can always find out from customers, but that can take time. When you use digital marketing, you can see results happening in real time. It’s easy to see what’s working for the business and what you can afford to slack on. For example, using Google Analytics for your website can tell you if you’re achieving the goals you set out for the business. E-mail is another fantastic way of gathering information, like who opened your e-mails and who took your call to action. Find out all about unlocking the secrets of online marketing here.

Information, Information, Information

One of the most important factors in running a successful business is gathering the information you need to give your customers what they want. Digital marketing is the quickest and most efficient way of doing this. With social media polls, commenting and messaging, you can gather opinions and suggestions from customers that are invaluable. Collect as much data as possible and you’ll be able to adjust your marketing strategy there and then, instead of waiting to redesign traditional marketing material.


Building a Brand

It’s more important than ever for businesses, big and small, to have a brand. A solid brand shows customers that you’re trustworthy, and because of that, customers are far more likely to buy from branded businesses than businesses without a brand. It can be very difficult to build a brand via traditional marketing. However, it’s often as simple as the click of a button with digital marketing. Every time a customer visits a platform, whether it’s a website, blog or social media page, there’s your businesses brand. As soon as someone opens an email, your business should be recognizable by the logo at the top of the page. Using digital marketing means your brand is constantly in your customer’s face and becomes memorable quickly.

Global Market

As a small business in a small town, traditional marketing can only get you so far. You may pull in some of the locals and make enough money to get by, but if you truly want to expand, digital marketing can help. Digital marketing expands your reach, and people from all over the world are able to see what you’ve got to offer. By optimizing your SEO on your website, just a few keywords could send audiences from everywhere to your small business. If you want long-term success, digital marketing is a must have.



When a sales flyer comes through the front door, how many people do you think save them to pass on to friends and family? Arguably very few! However, when you post something exciting about the business on social media, it can be shared with family and friends instantly. The same goes for emails or vlogs etc. That’s because it isn’t time consuming for anyone to share this information. All they need to do is click a button and they can completely forget about it. And yet, it’s still stored on their profiles or email accounts.

No Nuisance

Digital marketing has provided a type of convenience and that makes traditional marketing seem like a complete nuisance. No-one enjoys receiving a sales call when they haven’t asked for it or a knock at the front door to talk about a random charity. Generally, when people use the internet it’s because they’re looking for something. So, if a customer has ended up on your website and is signing up for your newsletter, the emails they receive will actually be wanted. Similarly, if there ever comes a time when those emails are not well received anymore, it’s easy to just opt out.

Customer Relations

People are expecting more and more of the businesses they use. They want to feel appreciated and they want answers to questions quickly. Digital marketing gives you the opportunity to interact with customers there and then, building a long-term relationship with them. You also have the ability to encourage your customers to buy your products. So, if a customer was on the fence at 10am, a second post about the product at 2pm could be the nudge they need to go and purchase it.

Many people will say that businesses can’t survive without digital marketing, but do your research and use whatever suits your business best.