Key Components Of Social Media Success

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November 26, 2017

In the past, successful brands relied on traditional advertising such as television commercials or sponsorship to get noticed. Today, advertising is a completely different ball game. Businesses are now turning to social media to increase brand awareness and connect with a wider range of customers. When used effectively, social media can open up a whole new world of possibilities for your business, but you’ve got to get it right. Read more about the key components of social media success below.






A strong social media strategy

Any communications or marketing professional will tell you the value of a campaign strategy, and a social media strategy is just as, if not more, valuable for your business. Building a social media strategy that works takes time and a lot of trial and error, but as a free platform – there is a lot of room to experiment and try different things. Make social media a key part of your marketing and promotional efforts to ensure you keep up with the latest communication tools.

The right platform

There are several successful social media platforms out there, but they might not all be the right fit for your business depending on your demographic and market. The most popular social media networks are: 


The largest social media network with more than 1.69 billion users. Good for communicating with people of all ages and all over the world.


Twitter is a current, instant medium that is fast becoming the world’s most popular news source. Twitter also serves as a great communication tool for businesses and consumers.


Ideal for those in the B2B industry, LinkedIn is the network for professionals. There’s a greater focus on networking and sharing expertise, making it a good platform for those looking to position themselves as experts.


A popular photo-sharing app which is heavily used by brands to promote their products. Popular with younger audiences, more and more businesses are beginning to see its value.


A platform for sharing video content, more and more young people are choosing to spend their free time watching YouTube than watching TV, making YouTube advertising an intriguing consideration for businesses.

Spend time exploring the different networks and work out which ones are the most relevant to your business.

Good content

Good content is essential for creating a good impression on social media – one that is worthy of your investment. The use of images, graphics and videos are important to help engage with your intended audience and to make them take notice of your business. If you can’t hire an in-house content manager, outsource to an external agency who can help you make an impact.

A strong following

For your business to appear credible and successful, you’re going to need a strong following. Building up a good following takes time, and by following the principles above, you can get there. There is, however, a fast route where you can buy followers for Facebook at in addition to followers for other platforms to boost your numbers and make your business more attractive to consumers. Using different solutions to grow your following will pay off with an increase in leads and better brand recognition for your business.

A successful social media strategy is just one way you can unlock the secrets of online marketing for a stronger digital presence. Get social with your business and discover a whole new world of online marketing possibilities.