Motivate Staff With The Right Office Décor

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December 3, 2017





There are many ways of motivating you and your employees. A change of décor might not seem like an obvious solution, but it could play a big part in improving concentration, teamwork and general enthusiasm. Here are just a few ways to decorate your office that could improve productivity.

Use colour psychology

Certain colours may be able to help your employee’s moods. Blues and greens are better suited to concentration, whilst yellow is great for sparking creativity. Red may be a colour to avoid in an office as it energises people to move around, making it better suited to places where physical tasks are carried out. Professional companies such as GB Painters commercial painting services specialise in painting offices and could help to introduce such as a colour scheme. Alternatively, you may want to use coloured furniture or even a certain coloured carpet to inspire a mood.

Connect with nature

Plants can be a great addition to an office. They may make your employees feel less imprisoned indoors by giving them a connection to nature. Plants have also been found to improve concentration by supplying a fresh source of oxygen into the air. They can also help to purify the air of illness-causing spores that could be causing colds to spread around the office or employees to get sick.

Put some light on the subject

Make sure that there’s adequate lighting in the office. A poorly lit office could be causing strain on people’s eyes. Staring at a computer screen in insufficient light is thought to be a major cause of having to use reading glasses. Eye strain from dim lighting can also cause headaches affecting concentration. Use companies like lighting suppliers Trilux that can provide effective overhead lighting for keeping the whole office bright.

Opt open plan

Closed off cubicles may help to provide concentration but may have a negative effect on teamwork. For a business that requires constant team communication, it may be better to opt for an open-plan layout. This allows for constant brainstorming without people having to assemble in another room together. It can sometimes even be productive to make employees share resources such as desks, phones or printers. Of course, it’s important to know the difference between promoting sharing and being tight-fisted.

Let employees personalise their space

Your employees spend much of their lives at their designated desks. Give them the freedom to personalise their desk with photos and desk toys. This can be a subtle way of empowering employees and make them feel more comfortable at work. Of course, if you have clients constantly coming into the office, you may want to set certain rules to ensure that desks are kept professional.