Once Upon A Financial Time

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December 3, 2017

In the business world, we tell ourselves a lot of stories. Most prominently, we tell stories about our financial dreams. Often, these stories remain just that. In the worst cases, money troubles can even lead to shutting up shop.

To make sure that doesn’t happen, we’re going to tell you a few moral financial stories. With a bit of luck, those morals will help shape your own tale.






The business owners who thought they could do it all

Once upon a time, a hopeful business team embarked on a business venture. People seemed to like what they did, and products were flying off their online store. But, despite their increasing income, they remained adamant they could deal with finances alone. Their unorganized bookkeeping had lasted them that long.

They tried as hard as they could to keep on top of their accounts, but it didn’t take long for things to fall apart. Their grasp on finances became slippy. But, they could see that business was doing well, so they kept spending. All the better to improve their product. Without their realizing, their spending exceeded their earnings. As such, those profits weren’t profit at all. When it came time to do their tax return, the pair realized their mistake. After much stress and heartbreak, they had no choice but to declare themselves bankrupt and kiss goodbye to their dream.

The business owner who left it all to someone else

There was once a woman with a business dream. She had the idea, and the money to back her. Within a few months, she could even afford a team. She had always been sensible with money, so her first port of call was an in-house accountant. From then, she left all money worries to that person. Each time she asked, they told her finances were fantastic. So, she kept spending without knowing exact numbers. One day, though, her business card was declined. When she looked at the finances, she noticed there were discrepancies everywhere. But, because she hadn’t been keeping an eye on things, she hadn’t seen until it was too late. Two months later, she had to shut shop.

The business owner who realized the importance of teamwork

There was once a man who had always wanted a business. He had an idea in his teens. But, he didn’t manage to buy premises until he was nearly forty. It involved scrimping and saving and gave him excellent understanding of the importance of money. So, the first thing he did when he opened the doors was turn to bookkeeping services who could help him keep his head above water .He searched long and hard, and made sure that he found a company who would work with him to manage his finances.

Though he faced the usual ups and downs of new business, he developed a decent finance plan with his team. When things settled down, the man was delighted to see that his profits were steady, and only set to get better.