What People Think Of Your Business, Is Your Business

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December 3, 2017





What opinions people hold of us personally may be none of our business, but what they think our business most definitely are. After all, it is a good reputation that gives you a lead over your competitors, and it’s a positive review that convinces a customer to buy. With that in mind, read on for some strategies to make sure all your customers think your business is the best thing since sliced bread.

Provide value before purchase

One way to boost positive opinion about your brand is to provide content online that is free to access, and that truly can be valuable to potential customers. By doing this, you are creating a positive connection between you and them, as well as gathering data that can be used to follow up on later.







To do this, you may provide how-to articles or webinars for specific issues within your field. Entertainment-focused videos that people get a kick out of watching can work well too.

Keep your promises

Another way to be sure that people think well of your business is to stick to your work. Not something that is always easy if you have been let down by suppliers, overrun a deadline, find a better offer elsewhere, or a vital vehicle in your fleet breaks down.








To deal with the vehicle issue, you can hire a van from Flex Fleet and other rental services like them so you can make good your word. Missing deadlines is a tough one, although you can definitely manage your customer disappointment with this by keeping them updated and letting them know ahead of time that you won’t make it.

For the other issues,

it usually means sucking it up and taking a loss even though that is a tough thing to do. However, the gains that you get from being trustworthy is something that will greatly benefit your business in the long run.

Go the extra mile

Going the extra mile for customers can certainly make them feel special and improve their opinion of your business







A great example of this are the sellers on marketplaces like Etsy that make an effort to package and wrap their goods like a gift, even if it’s going straight to the purchasers. What this does is increases the pleasure of actually receiving the item. Something that will allow your company to rise in their esteem as well.

Use an expert

Last of all, navigating social media, online reviews, and vlogs with regard to the opinions people have on your business can be a bit of a nightmare, especially for the Luddites among us.

That is why it can be very useful to use a PR professional, social media manager, or someone with a strong customer service background to help you do this. The reason for this being that they will have come across the type of situation before, and so have the know how to ensure that the buzz around your business online is as positive as possible.