Going Green in the Office

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December 14, 2017






It is becoming increasingly crucial in recent years for us to start looking after the planet we live on. Our planet has been suffering from the effects of human life for years and years, and with the rise of the consumer age and technology, it is only getting worse. To really help the planet we need to change things in our day to day lives… and the office is a place we spend many of our days.

In business it is incredibly important to set a good example to the people who sell to, which is why many companies have decided to make themselves more eco friendly and really push that idea of being green.

Less Energy

The computer is a central tool in any office, but it is the way we use our computer which can have a damaging effect on the environment. To optimise your PC for work, make sure that you set it to an eco-friendly setting as you work. When you finish work for the day always turn your computer off. This is not only beneficial because it saves energy, but it also allows your computer to update and reset for the next time you use it.

Go Digital

Considering we are in an age where everything can be done online, stored in a cloud service and sent off anywhere, it is surprising how much paper we still consume. Ideally you want to reduce the amount of paper you use as much as possible. It can be made easy by banning any unnecessary printing of documents in the office. There are of course certain things which you need a paper copy of, but other than that you should try to avoid using paper as much as possible. When you do print things on paper, make sure you use both sides of the sheet; there’s no sense in wasting paper.


Rather than buying your regular printer paper, try and source recycled paper instead. It will be much less energy consuming than using fresh paper and the paper will be just as good for printing and writing on. Paper isn’t the only thing you can recycle in the office, if you buy printer ink from somewhere like 123inkjets, you can recycle the empty cartridges in aid of charity and for the sake of the planet.


Getting to and from work is understandably one of the most stressful parts of most of our days. However, using a car every single day can waste 23 billion gallons of gas per year in the USA. That amount of CO2 hitting the atmosphere has a highly damaging effect on the Ozone layer. By switching to carpooling with several other employees, taking public transport, cycling or even walking if you live close enough- you can save a huge amount of fuel each year and this will keep the planet healthy.

Green Sleeves

Something you may not have considered is buying your clothes from a recycles or organic vendor. Getting clothes from a thrift store will not only be great for the planet but it will also save you a ton of money on fashion.
Work From Home

If you can save the travelling distance by staying at home and working, go for it. You’ll have the perfect excuse to wake up and work in your pyjamas with a cup of tea by your side. When you work from home you are not using a printer because all communications will be done through phone calls, emails and skype conference calls. By simply not going to work you will be saving a huge amount of energy.
Green Materials

Wherever possible try and use recycled paper, envelopes, ink and even pens and pencils. You will be able to find most of the stationery you need as a recycled version. They will work just as well as a new one and will cost the planet less.

Lunch Time

Try not to keep ordering for delivery or visiting the local chip shop each day. Instead, bring food in a tupperware container and save the packaging and energy. If you can eat food which doesn’t need to be microwaved, that would be even better.

Tell everyone else

The only way you will begin to make a change in the workplace is by letting everyone know and bringing them in on the project. Arrange carpools with people who live close by, get everyone to cut down on paper use and make sure there are plenty of recycling points around the building.