3 Common Questions Entrepreneurs Have About Packaging

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December 17, 2017

When you’re in the business of producing a product, packaging matters. This is true no matter what kind of products you’re making; packaging is essential for everything from healthy snacks to handmade beauty products.

Packaging is what makes customers want to buy. It tempts them to try the contents, draws their attention to items on the shelf, or catches their eye as they’re browsing through your online business’ store. Packaging also serves a functional purpose; if packaging is poor, then the contents might be unusable– for example, face creams in bottles where the pump breaks, or supposedly resealable food packaging that does no such thing. There’s no doubt there is a need to focus on packaging when you are selling a product.

Of course, that’s often easier said than done, and many entrepreneurs have questions about packaging and how they can make the most of their choices. In a quest to answer those questions, and provide the answers that business owners need to make the most of their business, let’s dive right into this subject:

Does packaging have to be expensive?

No. The most important aspect to consider with practicality is the quality of the packaging, and how useful it is to the consumer. After that, you have to consider the aesthetics of the packaging. Finding the right products to meet your goals may be expensive, or it may be relatively cheap– what matters is you find the right items. It’s more than possible to choose expensive packaging that doesn’t actually work, so put the consumer first at all times.

Should packaging be branded?

Yes, heavily; some brands skimp on branding as they think it makes the product look better, but this denies them the continued benefits of the packaging. Packaging is like a constant advertisement that your customers welcome into their own homes, so you want them to be continually reminded of your company while the item is in situ. Opt for custom printed stand up pouches, labels that won’t fall off after five minutes, and even engraved glass to ensure that your company will benefit from this easy promotion. Simple, sleek, almost wordless packaging is all well and good, but it’s not going to be much use to the company after sale– so go for branding every time.

How can I be sure my packaging is hygienic?

There are a few ways you can be sure of hygienic packaging:

  • Limit the amount a customer needs to place their fingers inside the packaging to retrieve the product. For example: face creams are better in a tube than a tub, while food packaging should be easily pourable.
  • Ensure the product reseals well and remains air tight; this is particularly important for consumables.

In Conclusion 

The watch words for product packaging are: simple, effective, usable, and hygienic. If you can be sure that your packaging ticks all of these boxes, then you’re onto a winner.