Cultivate A Positive Business Image In Your Workplace

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December 17, 2017

A good PR is crucial in the business world as it impacts on how your customers perceive you and their likelihood to purchase from your company.  Consequently, it has become a priority for businesses to build a positive and substantial brand reputation. It’s a matter of being perceived in a positive light by the online community – especially as social media complaints and critics can be extremely harmful to those who are not prepared for it – and ensuring that your business image remains professional and homogenous across all products and services. In short, it’s a hard job to make the best of impressions on  your potential customers, from the way you communicate to the images and visions you share as a company. However, maintaining a positive image for your customers only is forgetting a crucial asset in your success: Your employees. Employees are your primary assets, your first advocates, and your direct link to your customers. Unhappy employees mean low customer satisfaction. Additionally, employees who don’t believe they work for a great company are likely to impact on the public image of the business. So how do you cultivate a positive image in your team?







Keep it spotless

As a rule of the thumb, the quality of the air in the workplace can be just as bad as the air in the urban area. You may not have to deal with car fumes, but indoor air pollution can come from the presence of dust and other particles in the carpet fibers, the absence of quality air circulation and the accumulation of daily germs on the surface of desks and chairs. Consequently, you need to target some issues directly with monthly in-depth carpet cleaning services and the addition of an A/C unit to keep the room ventilated. Additionally, make it clear to your cleaning team that the furniture needs to be not just dusted but disinfected regularly.

Maintain a working kitchen

When your team spend 8 to 11 hours in the workplace, they need to be able to find comfort in the appliances available. The kitchen, for instance, is a big deal. While not every company can create a full-sized canteen, you should be able to provide your staff with a quality kettle, dishwasher and a microwave oven. Besides, you should offer a variety of drinks, from water to coffee. A bowl of fresh fruits is also a nice addition!

Get your staff comfy

Finally, your choice of furniture for the office is not just a matter of getting all necessary furniture within a budget. You need to consider your employees’ comfort as a priority. Why so? Because when you spend up to 10 hours at a desk every day, poor quality furniture will rapidly become an obstacle to your productivity. From back pain to loss of concentration, the cost of a bad chair is more significant than you might think at first. Quality furniture, in comparison, is proven to improve the overall productivity. First of all because dull-looking furniture doesn’t engage the mind or the interest of your employees. But using furniture as a way to improve the health of your employees, such as ergonomic chairs or even standing desks, can change the working routine for the better.

In short, make your staff feel cared for in the office. That’s the only way to show that you’re a manager who values profits over people.