Your Office Space As A Marketing Tool

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February 5, 2018






Once upon a time, one of the only ways to impress clients and customers was to have an office that oozed professionalism. It was knowing that your office was as much a marketing tool as it was a hive for productivity. But this has been lost somewhat. Maybe it’s because so much is done online now that the need for physical spaces is falling faster than Donald Trump’s popularity or maybe it’s because people put more emphasis on their marketing needs elsewhere. Whatever the case, having an office space that impresses from the get-go is absolutely crucial.

Let’s say you’ve been doing business with a client for years – a million dollar client – but you always met at theirs. Then, one day they decide they want to come to yours and, on that day, your receptionist is off sick and so the client just sits in the waiting room where no one asks if they can help. That first impression could be all it takes to have the reevaluate everything.

With this in mind, we have pulled together a list of ways you can help make your office spaces wow no matter who walks in or when:

  1. Employee Excellence

First and foremost, you need to teach all of your employees about customer service. Help them understand that every client or customer that walks through your doors needs to be treated like they are their own personal clients and customers. Eye contact, manners, smiles, warm welcomes and being impossibly helpful; that’s the order of the day, and it will go a long, long way.

  1. Lobbies Lead The Way

There is so much you can do with your lobby that requires very little effort but can make a world of difference. At the very least, you should get a boss laser and engrave your company’s name and logo onto a sign that will fill the back wall. Let people know who you are in the most professional way possible. To add a more personal touch, try using a lobby board. If you know you have a client coming in, then have a board that greets them; something like, “Welcome William from Copper Milk Creative“. It’s a small gesture that packs a lasting punch.

  1. Keep It Clean

If you need someone external to come and assess your workplace, then that’s what you need. But things like messy layouts, worn carpets, chipped paint and magazines that have 2015’s date on them are all going to work against you. It’s about brand awareness. So, give someone the responsibility of ensuring every part of your office space that may get seen gets a kept clean.

  1. Reception Is The Most Important

When it comes to using your office space as a marketing tool, no one on your team is more important than your receptionists. Period. These are the first people to communicate with your clients when they walk in; the very personification of what your brand stands for. So, train these people as good as you can. Then add little tidbits to boost the client experience; a posh self-service coffee machine, a wide selection of up-to-date newspapers and magazines and some fresh fruit. These things go a long way.