6 Things Every New Business Needs To Do

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May 13, 2018

Every industry has its own set of specific challenges so there’s no complete plan on how to start a successful small business. However, there are some things that are universal and all businesses need to be aware of regardless of what industry they’re in. If you don’t get these fundamentals right, you’ll fail before you’ve even started. These are the things that every new business needs to do.







Register Your Company

This is the first step for any business. If you don’t register your company properly you won’t be able to hire employees and it will be more difficult for you to protect your company name and logo. It also makes you look a lot more professional to customers so you’re more likely to make sales. If you’re unsure of how to register your company, head over to yourcompanyformations.co.uk. They’ll help you through the whole process and you’ll be registered on companies house in no time. You need to do this before you do anything else.

Learn To Manage Cash

The number one reason that new companies go under is cash flow problems. It’s going to be a while before you start bringing in enough revenue to cover all of your running costs so until then, you’ll be relying on the cash that you have right now. If you don’t learn to manage it properly you’ll burn through it in no time and if you aren’t making enough sales, your only option will be to shut the company down. As soon as you get started, work out exactly how much it’s going to cost you every month in running costs. Then look at how much cash you’ve got and you’ll see exactly how many months you can run for before you run out of money. Knowing this from the start will help you to manage your spending and stay afloat until you start making a profit. It’s also important that you aren’t spending frivolously and burning through it faster than you need to be. At this stage, you might have to pay yourself a very small wage to save money but remember, it’s only temporary and you can increase your own salary when you start making a profit.

Understand Your Profit Margins For Each Product

A surprising number of business owners don’t actually know the profit margins on individual products. They know the bottom line but that isn’t enough. You could, for example, have some products that are losing you money with each sale but still make an overall profit because others have a large margin. Even though you’re still making an overall profit, you’ve got a big problem. You may also have some products that aren’t really selling while others are doing great. You need to know if that’s the case so you can divert more resources toward the products that are working and stop wasting money on the ones that aren’t. It’s important that you understand the margins on every single product and you know exactly where your money is coming from.

Monitor Your Marketing Efforts

Marketing is going to be one of your biggest expenses which is fine, as long as you’re seeing a return on that investment. So many companies make the mistake of not measuring their marketing efforts properly so they continue to pump money into a strategy that isn’t doing anything for them. It’s not enough to say, we’re making more sales so it’s successful. You need to know exactly where those sales are coming from. For example, if you’re spending money on social media and pay-per-click advertising, you need to understand which one is most effective. If you’re getting plenty of sales through your social media push but nobody is clicking on those ads, they’re a waste of money. If you know that, you can stop spending money on that and double the amount you’re putting into social media or try something new. That’s the only way that you will get the most out of your marketing budget. Never fall into the trap of thinking that more sales means you don’t need to adjust your marketing strategy.

Talk To Your Customers







Whether you’re running a physical shop or an online business, you need to have regular conversations with customers. They’re the ones that will tell you what works and what doesn’t. If you don’t listen to them, you’re wasting a golden opportunity to improve your products and services. For online businesses, there are two main ways to communicate with your customers; reviews and live chat features. Have a review section on your website and encourage all of your customers to leave reviews. That’s the easiest way to identify any problems with the product itself or the process of buying it. Live chat is another great feature because customers can get in touch right away with any issues and it won’t be public either. Always make sure that you’re taking action based on this information as well, otherwise, there’s no point.

Understand Your Competition

The only way that you’ll beat the competition is offer something different. Whether that’s a product with better features, cheaper price or higher quality, you’ll never get anywhere without offering something that your rivals can’t. In some cases, it’s the level of service that you offer which sets you apart. It’s also important that you aren’t falling behind the rest of the companies in your industry. If they’re all offering something that you can’t, why would any customers come to you? There’s no way that you can stay ahead of the competition and offer something fresh unless you know exactly what they’re up to. Always keep an ear to the ground and attend as many industry events as possible to get an idea of what you’re up against. Then you can start strategizing based on that and make sure that you’re always one step ahead.

If you’re not doing these things from the very beginning, you risk failing before you’ve even had a chance to start building a customer base.