Seduce Your Market With An Exceptional Customer Experience

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May 15, 2018






In an age of social media, online communications and more consumer feedback websites than you can shake a stick at, it’s more important than ever for companies to provide an exceptional customer experience. You may have the most revolutionary product in the world or provide a much-needed service for incredible value yet if you cannot follow this up with sound customer service your business could fail. Competition is fierce, and you need to put your startup head and shoulders above the rest. The simplest way to do this is to put your customer first. Take a look at how you can seduce your market with an exceptional customer experience.

Under Promise, Over Deliver

A simple rule of thumb when considering the ethos of your business is to ensure that you are always outperforming the targets you set yourself as a business. If you know that you can deliver a product in two days, state to your customer that you will deliver in three. This way, when your customer receives their much-wanted item seemingly early, they will be impressed with your business going the extra mile. Ensure that the packaging you use is professional, slip in a free gift and encourage repeat ordering by including a discount on their next purchase.

Ask For Feedback

Although it could be a poisoned chalice, if you are confident in your brand and your service, request feedback from your clientele. Ask them to head online to sites like the ones listed at and rate your business. The more positive reviews you can claim, the higher you appear on review sites and the better overall score or rating you can achieve. If a potential customer is comparing companies, it may be customer feedback rather than price or location that can swing an order coming your way.

Show Your Customer You Can Be Trusted

If you are a business that relies on your people heading out to visit client sites, why not instill more trust in your clients by heading to a site like and use a specialist software package to prove to them that the IDs you provide are verified, your people are vetted and that your customer can feel safe in the knowledge that no fraud is taking place. You may even want to develop your encryption capabilities for sensitive customer information and documents. By showing your customer that they are your priority they are more likely to become your loyal market.


Don’t be one of those companies that receives an email from a customer only to reply a week later when the potential order is long gone. Communicate with your customers through social media feeds, a blog and email. Ensure that you respond to queries the same working day if possible and definitely by the end of the next. The choice of suppliers and businesses is immense, so you need to capture interest quickly and secure the order.

While it can be difficult to compete with already established rivals within your industry, if you put the customer first, you will maximize your chances of business success.