A Guide To Building Strong Relationships In Business

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May 24, 2018

Building strong relationships in business is one of the most important things you’ll set out to do. If you want to make sure you’re building relationships in business that stand the test of time and are beneficial for everybody, use the pointers below to make sure you’re getting it right:

Become A Better Listener

It’s a fact that most people are not great listeners. Most people appear that they are listening, when in reality they are more concerned with thinking about what they want to say next. Put simply, people care more about themselves and what they are saying. To be a better listener, stop doing this and really listen to what the person in front of you is saying, take that in and respond to that.

Be Authentic

Be who you are and accept others as they are. It’s easy to create a false persona, pretending that you’re somebody you’re not so that people like you, but that is not the way to start a relationship and short lived when we start qualifying people and companies. Find people and companies you feel a natural connection and ease of communication with and things you both have in common. The authenticity of connecting personality, beliefs and point of view can accelerate relationships and make them so much better. Don’t be afraid to be your authentic self.

Ask The Right Questions

To get what you want in business, sometimes you have to dig a little deeper. This can mean making sure you’re asking the right questions to ensure that you and the person you’re talking to are on the same page.







Pay More Attention To The Whole Person

You’ll have more meaningful conversations with people if you can pay attention to what that person is really saying with their facial expressions and body language, rather than what they are saying with their words.

Be consistent

Let’s say you’re trying to build better relationships with your business suppliers so you can get better deals. You need to make sure that you are friendly and polite with each interaction, and that you’re not blowing hot and cold. If you do that, you’ll never get a great deal on your Ag spray equipment! Consistency when building relationships, whether with your employees or your suppliers is a must.

Share Some Vulnerability With Another

We are human and sometimes that means sharing and supporting people through difficulty, challenge and change. Showing our vulnerability is part of our authenticity. One word of caution: this is best shared with a select few rather than more publicly. Don’t air things out online that you don’t want the whole world to know about. Share your vulnerability with people you know you can trust and you’ll create a more meaningful connection.

Let Go of Expectations

One of the most powerful things you can do is go into relationships with an open mind. Never assume. People are only who we think they are based on what our interactions have been with them. Accept the way people are not as you want them to be. If we have preconceived expectations of people, then we are setting ourselves up for disappointment right away!