Streamline & Simplify: Your Route To Business Success

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July 26, 2018

Are other people’s demands taking over your working life? Some days you’re barely through the door, fresh with plans to tackle those long-overdue to-do list items, and it begins. The ‘urgent’ emails. The intrusive phone calls. The energy-sapping long meetings with no clear agenda called at the last minute. The stacks of admin documents that need your attention and absolutely can’t wait. Before you know it, the whole day has been wasted to reactive mode – fire-fighting one issue after another. Of course, it’s unavoidable to have to deal with some things on other people’s terms – but if it means you’re not getting the opportunity for proactive work, and large tasks are sitting there for too long, the balance is off. You need a few supporting tricks to simplify your day and leave you the mental energy and time to work through strategic priorities. But how do you make the switch? Well, the answer lies in finding a technological solution for all of your time-poor woes..

Make It Online Only

Almost every single business administration task that takes up your time can now be automated, so if you’re wasting endless time chasing up unpaid invoices, filing paperwork or dealing with HR queries, there’s absolutely no need to. Find smart software solutions that take care of the legwork for you by automating those essential processes. Platforms such as can take care of the wage bill, while software like QuickBooks allows you to automatically follow up on unpaid invoices with email reminders and even suspend service after non-payment.


Choose a Cloud-Based Server

You don’t need a filing cabinet anymore – using a cloud computing solution can save you and the rainforests from unneccessary piles of paper, make everything easily accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, and provide the extra layers of security that only a paid-for, externally-located server can bring. With automatic back-ups, you don’t have to worry about losing vital information, and whatever you need can be tracked down with a simple search term. Your business will never have been so reliable – or your days so free of paperwork.

Use a Chatbot Function

If you get a lot of routine, incoming inquiries which are relatively simple, but a complete time drain, consider adopting a chat bot solutions. Today’s experience is far different from the clumsy interactions of a few years ago. Chatbots give customers an instant, interactive way to ask the questions they need to know, without the frustration of getting trapped in an endless phone queue or waiting on an emailed reply. It also saves you from a lot of wasted effort, and chatbots can perform the dual function of doing some customer research and ask for reviews and feedback at the same time as combatting queries. If you don’t want to go that far, even a well-optimised FAQs section on your webpage that is clearly signposted can cut down on the volume of routine communication and free you up for more creative tasks.