How To Overcome Past Mistakes And Land Your Dream Job

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August 4, 2018

Job hunting can be really intimidating for some people. Gap in a resume and periods of unemployment can raise some uncomfortable questions in a job interview, and so many professionals feel like they’ll never be able to recover from mistakes that they’ve made in the past. Fortunately, there are plenty of careers out there that will give you a chance to discuss mistakes you’ve made, how you overcame them and how you plan to avoid those mistakes in the future.

A conversation can open up so much for someone looking for a fresh start. Your past can pose challenges to your future but that doesn’t mean it has to ruin it entirely for you. Understanding how to answer difficult questions and knowing how to put the past behind you is key for your success in a new career. You’ve already dealt with difficulty, whether it’s termination of employment or a run in with the law, so it’s time to put it behind you. If you have lost your job due to reckless driving, see online here how you can keep your head above water while you deal with the fallout of that. Take the time to move forward and consider the tips below to overcome difficulties in future job interviews.








Termination. It’s not something that is easy to discuss when you are trying to get a job. The last thing you want to do is talk about how you were fired due to mistakes you were making but it will come up. The key is to turn the incident into a positive; talk about the circumstances that surround your termination but talk about what you’ve learned from it. Avoid bad-mouthing your previous employer and spend time talking about the merits of the company you worked for and what they taught you.

Unemployment. A resume with a lot of unemployment breaks gives the prospective employer the impression that you are fickle and jump from job to job. That’s the last impression that you want to give someone, so it’s important that you address each job gap and the reason behind them. Not every unemployment gap is a bad thing, but you do need to have clarity on your resume what you’ve been doing during those periods so that they can be discussed.

Criminal Past. Sometimes, run ins with the law can prevent you from getting your dream job. However, depending on the severity of the crime, whether you have been rehabilitated and how it could affect you working with the vulnerable. If you have any legal documentation and any character references that you can provide during any interviews that you do go on, you can back up any claims of rehabilitation and how you plan to stay that way.

Life happens. It doesn’t always happen in a good way, but it does happen. Rather than run from it, you should embrace the good and the bad in the anticipation of the job of your dreams.